Hope for them as they wait

Just over a year ago I decided it was time to put my passion for orphaned children to work and I filled out an application to volunteer for an amazing foster home in southern China.

What do I do for them?

Why blog of course...

One fun thing about blogging for An Orphan's Wish is that I'm getting to know the kiddos as best I can from thousands of miles away.  In the process of learning all about them, a few have stolen what's left of my heart.

One heart stealer is playful little Olivia.
Olivia 25th May 11 closeupedit
Her spunk mixed with sweetness drew me in from across the globe when she was featured in our Who's Who Wednesday posts last winter.
Olivia 20th  July 11 004
With the top quality care she is receiving at the House of Love, Olivia is doing so well.  Yet imagine how she would THRIVE under the undivided love and attention of her very own forever family!  Just yesterday I learned that her paperwork is complete.  Olivia is now waiting for her family to find her...

Another one of "our kids" from AOW waiting for a family is William.
William 8th August11 030
William received treatment for club feet at An Orphan's Wish and following successful treatment returned back to his home province to go into foster care.  This 1 1/2 minute video shows William through the years and highlights his desire to have a family to call his very own.

A grant is being offered by one agency to help defray the costs in bringing William home.

Janie is another AOW club foot graduate.  
Janie - Wen Jia 2nd cast 5.8.09 Resized
This outgoing little girl is waiting for her forever family to come and take her home.  Her caregivers state that a family would be blessed to count her as one of their own.
8-7-09 Janie

Lastly, there is Michael.  I don't know a whole lot about him beyond the fact that Lifeline Children's Services currently has his file.  (And I can't say enough wonderful things about Lifeline...)  There is just a tiny bit of info ~ but perhaps more importantly, a photo ~ about him on their waiting child page (he's listed as Charlie on their site).   

Just had to share my excitement about these precious kiddos I have come to know and love from across the globe!  Their pictures are being printed and will go right beside the pictures of our the New Day cuties we're praying for.  We have hope that 2012 will see families step forward for all eight of these precious children.

hope:  The teaching pastor from our church defines hope this way ~ "Hope isn't naivety, it is refusing to believe that the last word has been spoken."

**Please contact for further information about Olivia, William, Janie and Michael.  The advocacy team can point you in the right direction to pursue bringing one of these precious children home!**


Our Journey to China said...

Praying for each of them and their forever families to find them soon! They each steal my heart! Just precious children of God!

Anonymous said...

Ok so how do I find more info on Olivia. She is a super cutie!!

Michelle P

Sarah said...

I love your blogs for AOW. You have such a heart for it.

Grandma Shultz said...

Come forward "forever families". Look closely, I know God has one of these special children just waiting for you. Praying.

Traci said...

Couldn't play the video on William... Janie MELTS my heart... Can't get over the resemblance of the grins between Daniel and Michael... Their pictures are side by side... ummm M7?