Sunday Snapshot {waiting their turn}

It truly has been "the most wonderful time of the year."  Our family grew by one in 2011 and here at six months of being "the M6," we've reached a new equilibrium.  On top of feeling that we've caught a groove, this season we enjoyed introducing the wee one to our yearly traditions of attending a small town parade, putting up our tree, baking mass amounts of cookies to share, and going caroling.  We've so enjoyed celebrating the Christmas season as a family.

And yet, as happy as I am, my heart is also twinged with heaviness.

Why exactly?

Because I have seen and can't forget some of those waiting for their turn to "come home."

This summer at New Day I played with, held, and listened to other children as excitedly called out, "Mommy!" to any female who walked in the room.  They may be young, and they may not know much English at this point, but they've watched their friends "go home" to loving, forever families and while they are cared for so well in their foster home, they too long for their own set of parents.

I just know that sweet Noah's parents are out there somewhere.

He seems to know it too!
He is an amazing little guy who has overcome much with the love of his foster mother.  I dare you to check the posts tagged Noah on the New Day blog and not fall for him yourself.  Even if you aren't his forever family, you can join me in praying that they will find him soon.

Another sweetie that captured my heart was little Lucy.
Every time I pulled out my camera while visiting the preschool she had a wry little grin for me.

She seems to have a zest for life and her future forever mommy will cherish her sweet spirit.

And I certainly can't forget about Eliana.
Anytime my lap was open, she was in it.  And she'd happily call out "Mama, mama!" the entire time I'd hold her.

And if she wasn't in my lap, she was doing everything possible to get my attention.  She is a giggly little gal and would add lots of life to a family.

There's one other sweetie who needs a family of her very own, Miss Ella.
I didn't get to meet her in person , but I highly respect one who holds her every day and pours much love into that sweet soul.
Because of her condition, Ella does need a very special family, but I have no doubt that they are out there.  Would you help spread the word?

These precious four children ~ along with many others ~ are so well cared for right now.  New Day has done amazing things for their health and spirits.  And yet, as wonderful as their current home is, nothing can quite replace the dedicated love of a forever family.

Will you join in with me in praying that 2012 will see them have their turn to go home? We're putting their pictures on our fridge and will pray over them daily.  And oh!  How will we celebrate when we see the much longed for "*" beside their name on the Our children page that signifies their family is on the way!

**If you think one of these darlings may fill out your family, email me at and I'll put you in touch with a contact from our most recent adoption agency.  I'd be willing to bet she can help you get your dossier together "lickety-split" so you can bring your newest family member home.**


Sunday Snapshot

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Laine said...

joining you in prayer for these precious babies!!!!!

Jodi said...

ohhh these beautiful faces! Thank you for sharing and speaking up for them! They are precious! Praying for their families too!

TanyaLea said...

Thank you for posting this, Kristi! You KNOW I will be praying right along with you!! They all have such a special place in my heart, as well. And sweet Ella is one of "my kids" {I do her monthly updates for her sponsors} she has an extra special place in my heart ~ as does the one who loves on her everyday!!

Thank you for advocating for them. I can't think of a better New Year's post!!

Wishing you a happy and blessed 2012!

love & hugs,
~ Tanya

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kristi! They all need families so bad... all children do. Thanks for being Daniel's.

Georgia said...

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for details. Thanks! Happy New Year!

Jess Danielson said...

A prayer that their families find them soon!!!

Jennifer said...

Precious children! Praying their forever families find them soon!

Brooke said...

I was excited to read this amazing post as I too have struggled through this holiday season with a tremendously heavy heart for those who will forever wait. I have been praying relentlessly that God use me in some way to bring even the smallest bit of hope to "the least of these." Can't wait to see where the journey leads us both in 2012. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family! xoxo Brooke

Gwen said...

Thanks for this post. Let's hope and pray all of these precious kids find their forever families this year!!

Valerie and Jeff said...

Love your most recent posts advocating for the ND and Orphans Wish children. Oh my goodnesss it breaks my heart to think that these little ones STILL do not have families who have RAN to them and placed an (*) by their names as soon as they first saw their faces ... especially Eliana. She was one of my ND Christmas children and she is ONE DAY older than my youngest son. How can she not have a mamma and daddy at such a tender age? Thank you for the glimpse into who she really is--she sounds beautiful! PRAYING right along with you that God would call their families to act NOW and to give them the courage and faith that they need to be His hands and feet in parenting His children.