Donut dreams

We had a special treat last week.  Little E and her mommy came to visit for a few days.  In the middle of the week ~ how fun is that?  

We didn't have big plans.  Entertainment included hitting our big Asian market.  My kids got re-acquainted with several treats they haven't seen since July...

Some time was spent riding in the roundy road.
 Ample time was spent in the playroom.
For the Mamas?   As often happens, a good deal of our time was spent in the kitchen.  Coffee, meal preps, and washing dishes consumed several hours.

And then there was the special treat.  Our humble kitchen was turned into a bakery to rival Krispy and Dunkin.  My sweet friend made us homemade donuts!

(Anyone who knows our family shouldn't be surprised that roughly 2/3s of the pictures I took over the three days were of the donuts).

As good as they smelled, what could possibly make a hot mini-donut better?  Why, that would be a shake in powdered sugar of course!
Four out of four M kids agreed...
 Ms. L made some really yummy treats!
So little E and Ms. L, next time we get together, we have one little request.
Let's make more donuts!

**And why wasn't little miss E pictured eating a donut?  She was too busy playing in the dollhouse to be photographed...**


Jennifer Taylor said...

Cute!! Love that you get to see each other, but I'll admit that I'm totally jealous!!

Our Journey to China said...

WE miss you Taylor Famly!!!

And....I made donuts at home...NOT the same!! They were not even all eaten! ;( MUST make them again when we get together. Make sure to remind me to bring the supplies. :0)

Nancy said...

Yay for donuts and friends!

anything but LoKEY said...

LOVE me some homemade donuts!

Laine said...

I'm totally jealous too, Jennifer! :) That's it...reunion. donuts. Taylors. M's. B's. And F's. I AM HAVING WITHDRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWALS!!!!