family expanded

With each of our trips to China, our family has expanded.  

DQ's "China sister" E
And you're thinking, "Well, duh Kristi.  Isn't that the end result of an adoption trip?"

gettin' some love from little miss e

And in that respect, yes.  The number of people in our family who live in our house has increased by one on each trip.

e's daddy giving wee one a hand

But the number of folks that we consider family has grown by much more than four as a result of our four journeys to the East.

the daddies assisting most of the crew on a swinging platform

We were blessed last weekend to be paid a visit by one of DQ's "China sisters" and her family.

close to all of 'em

While we've exchanged hundreds of emails, texts, blog comments, FB exchanges and phone calls in the past several months, we hadn't seen them since April when they stopped through overnight on their way from DE to AL.

that's better!

While all that technology to connect is great and all, sometimes there is nothing like getting to give someone a tight squeeze around the neck.

tire swing cuteness

So of course we were thrilled when they volunteered to come to us as we haven't been very adventurous in our traveling since Daniel arrived in the family.

You know how there are people in your life that you feel like you have to entertain so they don't get bored?

ian and e helping ky finish decorating her turkey feather for school

Well, these guys aren't like that.  We planned our meals ahead of time, but other than that, our only agenda was "chill time" together as families.  We took walks, ate, hung in our yoga pants and sweats, ate, went to the park, ate, watched our kids play, and ate some more.

I think the only one who could have used a bit more of a schedule was their teen son ~ who of course tried to elude the camera again this visit.  

caught him though, and his mom too!  
But he was a good sport and I think he had fun even if he spent the weekend with five kids age five and under.  There may have been two trips to our frozen custard place to help.  

a little dora time
In the end, I think wee one may have developed a little crush.  

Even with a blank agenda, four days somehow seemed so short and long before we were ready, we were waving goodbye to the second Silver Swagger Wagon in our driveway.  

B family, we love you guys!  Thanks for comin' to see us.  


Jennifer Taylor said...

Fun!! Love all of the pictures, glad you guys had a great time together!

Our Journey to China said...

UGH!! Had a long response and I lost it!

Our Journey to China said...

Thank you for letting us invade your home last week! We miss you all already!! E has been walking around singing a song of which the words are mostly, "D-Q....D-Q....D-Q.." Too funny! I asked her today if she had a good time with her friends last weekend and she screamed, "YES!!!!!" I think so. Nothing better than eating, chillin', eating some more, and chillin' some more with good people. We had an awesome time! And it would appear that E now has two suitors! ;p Oh, decisions, and so much time to make them!! LOL! We love you all!!! Can't wait to see the F family home (in pics of course) and make a plan!! Did you say we could come on down for Thanksgiving?! Wish we could!! BIG hugs to everyone!!!

Debbie Sauer said...

Glad your family can do this. Somehow, everyone who has adopted from China has a special bond.


Martha said...

love those playground photos...they look so sweet on the slide and tire swing

Nancy said...

Love the tire swing of cuteness. What a blessing to have all these people in your life that you have met through adoption.

Football and Fried Rice said...

It is so true that you gain so much more than "one more" when you adopt! What a a blessing...pretty sweet to see them all loving Dora :)

Jordan Carl said...

I honestly thought you were going to say that you were expanding again! I was about to go crazy! I was thinking, 'I was just at your house and you told me you weren't adopting, but now you are?'

But I love the post anyway. Hope you are doing well.