the pumpkin tradition

Carving pumpkins.

You know, when you really stop to think about it, the entire practice is a bit strange.  As are the holiday traditions of bringing a dead tree into the house and decorating it or looking for eggs filled with candy or treats that were left by a rabbit, but I digress...

Strange practice or not, we, the M6, are pumpkin carvers.

It's just that some of us enjoy the entire experience more than others.

Ky loves scooping out the seeds and stuff.  DQ and Caleb?  Not so much.

Note how carefully they are holding spoons and making sure their hands don't bump the inside of the pumpkin.

And then Caleb talked his big sister into scooping out the rest of his.  Or maybe she just volunteered.  She can be really sweet like that.

Apparently Daniel wasn't all too thrilled with the slimy insides himself.  (Though he would go on to lick his pumpkin lid later).

Two years ago when we carved pumpkins with the kids for the first time, Ian came up with a creative way for Ky and Caleb to be more involved with the entire process.  (and perhaps to help calm Caleb down after his reaction to pumpkin slime)  Now it is fun to see them excitedly crowd around the computer while Ian searches for "happy pumpkin faces" and watch them carefully select a face.

Kylie's pumpkin was so small that she used her print out as a guide to free hand her pumpkin face.

Caleb's was just the right size to tape on and use his finishing nail to punch little holes as a guide for Ian to use with the knife.

and yes, i totally cracked up at the tattoo and tough guy shirt look here
DQ had hers punched in record time and so hers was the first one to be carved.

One of my favorite parts of the evening was hearing Darcy say, "Hey, this is fun.  Remember when we did this last year?"  Love hearing her starting to have memories of her history in OUR family.

And look forward to hearing his excitement next year as he realizes that he is building memories too.   The kind that give him a place in our family.

caleb, daniel, darcy, kylie
Even if it is just carving pumpkins


Grandma Shultz said...

Kylie, Caleb, Darcy and Daniel, Grandma thinks your pumpkins are delightful! What good work. They all look so happy - probably because they are part of the M family for awhile.

prechrswife said...

Too cute! Love your happy pumpkins and the way you told the story. :-)

Jordan Carl said...

Pretty awesome! I love carving pumpkins. Darcy had quite a glow to her pumpkin! It's quite impressive.

anything but LoKEY said...

Wow, those are some great pumpkins! We used to love to toast the seeds afterwards and eat them. YUM! :)

Amy Murphy said...

Love it! And I've never stopped to think of those, "Do you remember..." times as history building in our family. Great perspective!

Our Journey to China said...

I love the memory building! Great pumkins, guys!

Traci said...

Love those faces. What a great idea to find faces to pick on the internet. We'll have to try that next year.

Gwen said...

Great pumpkins! We've never done the online stencils but I think we need to try them next year. Fun!

Nancy said...

Love it!

Larry and Carol said...