First Jack-o-Lanterns

If you had asked me to predict which of my kiddos would tolerate ~ or even like ~ pumpkin guts and which would cry, I would have called my little mess maker to enjoy the slime on his hands and my little Miss Priss to get upset. This was after all the first time either child (at least to our knowledge) carved a pumpkin. Last year we were in China at this time and the first year Kylie was home we did buy pumpkins, but now I have no idea why we never carved them.

Back to my predictions, just when you think you have them figured out...

Kylie braced herself for the experience,
had a moment of drama,
and got along with business, finishing things up by wiping off her pumpkin.

Caleb on the other hand was pretty skeptical,
got pretty upset,
and then declared that there was "no way, no how" we were gonna get him to touch that slime again!
I've never seen a pumpkin seed come out of the pumpkin looking this way!

Kylie was set that she wanted her pumpkin to be a girl while Caleb wanted a "smi-yin face!" Ian decided that he could find some templates online and then came up with a clever way for the kids to help out.
Their templates were taped to the pumpkins and they used screwdrivers (with close supervision of course) to poke holes along the edges.
Kylie's was ready to go.

I think the finished products turned out pretty cute!


Anonymous said...

I didn't even buy pumpkins. The frost and snow would have killed them and I hate cleaning up rotten pumpkins on my porch. BUT... I do want to try the poke hole method next year using an Apple logo sticker for my template. ;-)

Nancy said...

The pumpkins look great!

Our Journey said...

You guys are quite the artist's!! And Anne Marie loves the "guts" too.. that's funny he didn't like it.

Heather said...

Oh I am cracking up ... the look on Caleb's face is priceless and I too would have figured him for the dig in and get messy type, too funny! Love the finished pumpkins, Ian you did good! :)

Kimberly said...

I think that pumpkin guts are enough to make anyone think twice before touching them-- YUCK!! C & K did a great job carving their masterpieces!

Jess and Tim said...

So cute!! Pumpkin guts are pretty gross Caleb, but maybe next year you will jump right in! Both pumpkins turned out great!

Grandma Shultz said...

I would have thought the same thing about which child would love and which would hate. In fact, I could just imagine Caleb getting into the "guts" and squishing them between his fingers with glee! Both pumpkins are really neat. Kylie and Caleb, you did a marvelous job! Grandma is so proud of you.

Lisa said...

Aaaawww...they turned out cute! Caleb expression is hilarious! That was one very cool seed. Did you plant it?

Laura said...

Don't they always surprise you? Looks like they both had fun though! Caleb has some serious concentration - too cute.

Ally said...

Cute pumpkins! My little princess love sticking her hands through the muck to get the seeds out. She liked eating them even better after we toasted them.

Michelle said...

Them have to be the cutest pumpkins I have seen. We didn't even carve pumpkins this year.

Anonymous said...

Good idea Ian! That looks like fun and they turned out great!
Those pictures of Caleb are hilarious!
Love Aunt Cici