Fundraising 4 Formula ~ UPDATED!!!

**Formula goal reached, see bottom for update.**

On Friday Ian and I took Daniel to his first appointment with his cardiologist here in the states.  While our visit deserves a post of its own, it can be summarized with the following quote from Dr. F.

"On the scale of post-op patients for his heart condition, Daniel scores on the very good side."

For that report we are grateful.  Grateful to the Ultimate Healer who protected our little guy before we even knew him, both while he waited for and then had his surgery, and grateful to New Day Foster Home, the organization that made his surgery possible.

It's no secret that New Day holds a very, very special place in our hearts.  We went from admiring their work in general to being connected through friends that had adopted a child from there to being waiting New Day parents to having the opportunity to visit ourselves when we were in China last month.  Our time there confirmed what we already suspected, New Day is the real deal.  

If you are looking for a place to sponsor that loves on children without a mommy and daddy to call their own, look no further.  There have been many children with miraculous medical stories.  Part of their healings must be attributed to the love that is lavished upon them daily.

But maybe a monthly sponsorship is too much commitment for you at this time?  No worries.  There are other needs at New Day to be met.  In addition to child sponsorship and the critical surgeries that must be funded, there are less expensive, everyday needs to be met.  One that has just been brought to my attention is the specialized formula for certain children that provides extra calories and nutrients to supplement their diet.

Which children you may ask?  Mostly the heart babies.  Which means that leading up to his surgery and during his recovery our little peanut likely had his share.

Our little guy just under one year ~ a few months after surgery.
And today guys like little Jonathan need it as they recover from their own surgeries.

This particular formula is only available for purchase here in the US and shipping it is a logistical nightmare.  That means keeping the shelves at the foster home full can be a challenge.  Luckily one of the staff members is currently stateside and will be able to carry eight cases of PediaSmart back with her when she leaves mid-August.

This is where you come in.  Our family would like to be part of an ongoing effort to keep those shelves full. Shelves that will now provide a boost of nutrition to help the current heart babies like Jonathan in their delicate state as they recover from surgery.

Each time we become aware of someone traveling with empty suitcase space, we would like to challenge you to partner with us to purchase the maximum any particular traveler can carry.  This time forty-eight cans (eight cases) be carried.  Nature's One, the maker of PediaSmart, offers a 30% hardship discount to all cases (6 cans) of PediaSmart that are purchased for New Day.  Our family will match all donations up to $218 (for a total of $436) to purchase the 8 cases that can be carried this time.  But we need to act quickly.  For it to arrive to the staff member in time to be packed, we must place the order by Wednesday, August 3rd at noon.

I have a Chip In box in the right sidebar.  We'd love to see donations of any size.  No amount is too small!  And if this shipment is a success, watch for future times to contribute in the future.  We may have more carriers in the early fall.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

**Okay you guys, you are amazing!  Seven hours later (with it being a church morning and all) and we have the matching funds for this formula challenge.  Thank you so much!  If you didn't get to participate this time and wanted to, go here to give a one time donation to New Day OR stay tuned here at Fireworks and Fireflies.  It looks like we'll have another carrier later this summer and we'll band together again to cover the cost for as much as they can carry.  Oh, and I'll have the staff member send me pictures of the cans in her suitcase after they arrive to her!**


Laine said...

Aw Kristi, that is amazing! Wonderful! And hey, we'll carry some in a few months, too! :)

Emailing you in a bit....

Gwen said...

Wow, this is such great news! And I can't think of a worthier cause! Awesome!

Nancy said...

Great news for Daniel! I will keep an eye out for the next time you do a formula posting, we'd like to give if we can. We actually just got a new World Vision child from Zimbabwe who is Noah's age and shares his birthday. When Erin is older, maybe we'll sponsor one of the kids from your website.