The day that was AWOL

In doing a tiny bit of housework around here, namely adding a button in the sidebar to link to our trip to Xinjiang Province to meet Daniel this summer, (thanks Ashton!) I noticed that a day was missing from our trip log.  Apparently I had written the email to my amazing friend who posted for me while we were gone (both on Daniel's trip AND on Darcy's trip last year) and forgot to hit send.  Luckily it ~ along with the email containing all the pictures ~ was in my draft folder in my yahoo email account.

So if you want a 2 1/2 month look into our past, check out Guangzhou Shopping Day (a recount of July 3 for our family).  Here's a teaser of what to expect...

bathtime shanagians

sibling moments
For me, going back was very therapeutic.  We've come a long, long way in bonding and being a family of six.  We still have some ground to cover, but it sure helps seeing how far we've come.

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