A modeling gig

Well, it's a travel day.  And when we get there, I'm probably gonna feel much more like crashing on my pillow instead of hopping on here.  If you would, please say a quick prayer for our traveling party.

In exchange, I'll give you a glimpse into the first of the M kids modeling careers.

It's probably not who you would expect...

Cause if I were you, I'd expect someone who will smile for the camera.

Darcy Q

Or someone who would pose with a friend to show off their tutu.

Certainly not someone who would do this...

(You're just gonna have to get on over to 2000 Tutus and scroll through to the end of the post.  He's there.  And you've just gotta see it...)

Warning!  While you're there, you are probably going to feel like purchasing one of these wickedly cute tie shirts for your little prince!

disclaimer ~ this is NOT the picture you will see of my boy if you go to 2000 Tutus.  This is maybe what you's expect of a modeling shot.  Seriously, get on over there if you haven't already!

And you should!  Both my guys have one ~ keep posted here to see my boys sporting them while we're on our trip!  But you shouldn't buy one just because they are cute, or just because Caleb and Daniel have one.  (Though if peer pressure helps...)

You should because each tee will be one step closer to our sweet friends bringing their Mary Kate home.  And that is a very, very good reason indeed!

ps ~  Don't forget to check out the tutus for your little princess ~ there are some exciting new designs!


Melissa said...

Praying for you my friend, safe travels! Much love being sent to you all!

Jenn said...

Praying for yal as you begin the trip to Daniel. Hope all travel goes smooth and that the kids (and you and Ian) are able to get some rest on the flights.
Can't wait to check back in and see what's happening with the entire "M" family :)

Nancy said...