Happy Birthday Q!

My dear peanut,

How could it already have been a year since you shyly held up three fingers for me on your birthday?

And yet there you stood in front of me today, proudly holding up four fingers, sandwiched between your siblings, sporting your birthday girl shirt.

Of course when I look back on how much you have grown since that day ~ in so many ways ~ it seems logical that 365 days have passed.  It just pains me that it was in the blink of an eye.

Today you knew exactly what you wanted to eat for your special birthday meal.  For dessert anyway.  Lunch went back and forth between "Chick-a-lay" and "plain cheesey-burger wif pickles" several times before you decided.

in the end our local fuddrucker's type burger joint won out
 The part of your requested meal that didn't change was "bok-a-la."  It only took us a few guesses to realize that you were requesting baklava from the yummy Mediterranean place we usually eat at on Sundays after church.

since it was your birthday, daddy made a stop on his way to meet us for burgers so you could have your favorite sweet
After your rest this afternoon (most days you do still sleep for about two hours) you opted to stay home and "play bubbles" instead of going to the mall play area because you said bubbles were more fun.

And then finally daddy got home from work so we could eat dinner.  Eating dinner of course was a big deal so that we could get to your cupcakes.

Pink cupcakes, vanilla frosting, and plenty of sprinkles.  Just the way you like them.

And then it was finally time for your gifts.  Even though just this week you told me that your new love was mermaids, I went with my instincts and decided to stay the course with fairies.

After all, you do carry at least one fairy doll around with you nearly all the time.  And you are constantly humming the theme song to The Great Fairy Rescue.  And that song of course makes you dance...

It was a very fairy birthday.  And for you little one, it was perfect.  I can just see the sparkle of pixie dust in your eyes.  Happy birthday Darcy Q!


Tina Michelle said...

Aww, such a sweet post. Happy Happy birthday sweet girl!

Amy Murphy said...

She is absolutely adorable (they all are, all 4 of them.) She has grown up so much in time time you've had her home! You are such a great Momma, too!

Laine said...

Happy Birthday DQ!!!!!!!!! We love you!

(and oh my goodness, Kristi, could that picture of all three of them together be ANY CUTER????? cannot wait to see Daniel in that mix!)

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!!! You are going to have such an awesome year four!!!!

Cindy M said...

She's so stinking cute! LOVE her hair that way, and that picture of her with the bubbles is adorable!! Love you, Darcy!

p.s. Just so you know, I shed a few tears when my own birthday girl went to bed last night. How in the world is she 16 years old already? I can see her strawberry blonde head bouncing through my house just like it was yesterday. Don't blink, girl. :)

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Darcy!!

Rachelle said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! Loving her hair up like that! Super cute!

Andrea said...

Oh what a cutie! I love age 4. How exciting that you got to have three of them for a day. Happy Birthday DQ!!

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday sweatheart!! You sure do look cute with your hair up and your pink birthday top. Four years old - getting so big. Grandma M sends big hugs and kisses.
Love, Grandma M

Kathy said...

Oh My - that was supposed to be sweetheart - but you knew what I meant!!
Love, Grandma M

Nancy said...

What an awesome birthday! Happy birthday, Darcy!

Traci said...

Yumm! I want your bok-a-la!

Glenda said...

Happy, happy birthday, sweet Darcy! We all love you,
Miss Glenda

Our Journey to China said...

Happy, happy Birthday, sweet DQ!! BIG Hugs and Kisses! We love you!

Wife of the Pres. said...

Happy Birthday Darcy!

**P.S. Kristi, Your blurry picture made me laugh b/c I can so relate. And than after reading all of these b-day updates, I can really see why you feel blurry!**