Snow ~ the perfect finish for Christmas

Just after bath time on Christmas night ~ at which time two of the five kids changed from one set of pajamas to another ~ we sent the dogs outside to get some exercise.  When Chaucer came back in, try as best you can to imagine the squeals of delight as children noticed that he was lightly dusted in snowflakes!

"seriously guys, what's all the fuss about?  it's cold out there."
So yeah, this was the big surprise on Christmas night.  I guess for some people it was no big deal.  But we had two kids that had never seen snow, one child who had only seen it once before, and according to meteorology records, the last White Christmas in our part of NC was almost 50 years ago.  And since I'm under 50, that would mean it was my first White Christmas.  (Okay, so the snow is supposed to be on the ground Christmas morning to count as a white one.  Minor technicality...)  Besides, snow is pretty rare in these parts.

So we adults got caught up in the excitement of our children.  And they immediately began begging to get outside to check it out.

Kids already in pajamas?  Some with bare feet?

Mismatched gloves/mittens?

Nightgowns, new boots and no gloves at all?

We broke a few "bundling rules" to catch the beginning of the snowfall.  It was after all, the first snow Pierson and Maylin had ever seen!

Different weather forecasters had different things to say about just how much snow was to fall in our area.  Changing to different stations brought predictions ranging from 'just a dusting' to 'up to a foot on the ground.'  Even we adults went to sleep with eager anticipation of what the morning would look like.  As we tucked them in bed, the children excitedly asked, "Will we get to go sledding tomorrow?"  We hoped with all our might that the answer would be yes.


Cindy M said...

How fun!! I was so happy to hear of the White Christmas in your neck of the woods! We had a bit, as well...plenty on the ground from previous snows...but we were promised heavy snow and barely got an inch or so. Then it rained it all away...sad.

I absolutely LOVE that your whole family was together and that look of anticipation on Maylin's face! SWEET!

p.s. That "grumpy" picture of her on Christmas morning reminded me, once again, of Caroline! I think they favor each other just a bit! I hope I get to meet your niece and nephew one of these days!

Team Baus said...

Again, you made me want to be there. I love the picture of I holding the kids under the umbrella. Classic shot!

Melissa said...

That picture of Maylin is just precious! You captured her and her Daddy's expressions perfectly! We had some snow this morning, and Matthew was in awe of it once again. Isn't snow just magical in a neat way? Love it!!!

Michelle said...

Love the shot of with the umbrella and bare feet. Our house was pretty excited too...

Heather said...

I love that last picture ... so sweet. If your kiddos really want to enjoy the snow ... come for a visit .. we usually have plenty. We would love to have you guys!

Nancy said...

How awesome! That is a great surprise. Love the photos of their reactions.

Heather said...

The last pic is so sweet. You can just see her excitement!

Laine said...

Precious! That Christmas snow was such a sweet gift from our Father!

I'm so glad we aren't the only ones who go out in snow in our pajamas! :)

We are going to get more this weekend and I think yall are too? How exciting!

Traci said...

Oh the delight and squeals! That was sooo fun! I am so glad you guys got to be here for the first snow time!

Grandma Shultz said...

Oh, the happy sounds of watching the first snow flakes falling! Who cares if you are dressed warmly or not.....they just had to get outside and feel it for themselves. It was extra special that all of you were here with me.
I was blessed.