Complete wonder

The snow didn't disappoint.  The morning after Christmas we awakened to somewhere between four and five inches of beautiful snow.  Adam (being the worship pastor at our old church) felt that he should head down for the early service, just in case.  Traci decided to go on down with him, leaving Mama, Ian and I to stay home with the kids as we weren't really sure what the roads were like.

I was the concerned older sister, telling them the lead pastor would surely understand if they didn't risk their lives on snowy roads.  My sweet little sister answered my concern by making it very clear that my life would be at risk if I A) failed to take pictures of her kids faces when they saw snow accumulation for the first time or B) let them go outside before she got home.

Of course she was only kidding.

I think.

Just to be sure though, half an hour later when I heard the first footsteps in the hallway, I yelled at Pierson to stop in his tracks so I could grab my camera and record the moment.

Pierson and Maylin  may not be mine.  But I love them like they are.   And there is something so special about the wonder of seeing a significant snowfall for the very first time

my favorite as it captures his sleepy amazement along with the glow of the tree lights
And then of course repeated the process when Maylin woke up a bit later.

sweet thing was lost in the wonder of snow for the very first time
Once my crew was awake, they began to beg to get outside to play.  Fearing for my life Keeping my promise, we found ways to divert their attention until Adam and Traci got home from church. 

Just when we started to get worried about Adam and Traci, (they managed to leave the house in on a snowy morning with no cell phones ~ how would we know if they were stuck in a ditch somewhere?) they pulled into the driveway.  And then the bundling began!

I'll wrap up the snow with the next post.  I think.  No promises though.  Cause man did we have FUN!


Gwen said...

First snow is truly magical! Even as an adult I still love seeing the first snowfall of the year.

After the first snow, I'm not so thrilled. ;)

Great pictures of the kids-- what a great moment to capture!

Nancy said...

Love their reaction to snow!

Traci said...

Thanks for capturing their faces! You are safe from any danger now! :)

Our Beaten Path said...

There amazement is so adorable! We're expecting quite a bit of snow here starting tomorrow...Hope to catch pictures just as sweet.

Kristi said...

Well hold on to your camera, we have 2-4 inches now and they are calling for 10 inches more on monday, and then system is headed your way next, bundle up!! Kristi

Jordan Carl said...

I've enjoyed catchin up on the blogs last night and today! Thanks for the posts! I hope you enjoy your snow. We only have a couple inches and they just fell. It's been fairly warm up here believe it or not!

Melissa said...

You did good big sister!!!

Laine said...

I love the way you love SO BIG!
The looks on their faces was priceless! So glad you captured it! (especially since your life depended on it! :)

Grandma Shultz said...

Oh, the wonder of the snow!