Sunday Snapshot {My sweets}

i know, how cute are they?
There were days of buildup.  Wish you could have heard the conversations as Ky and Caleb prepared their youngest sibling for the fun to come.  It would go something like this...

Ky ~ Darcy, in a few days we are going to put on costumes and go for a walk.

Caleb ~ Yeah!  And we go up to houses and we yell, 'Candy please!'

Ky ~ No Caleb.  We say 'Trick or Treat!' but we have to knock on the door first.

Caleb ~ And then they GIVE US CANDY!

Ky ~ And we say, 'Thank you.' And then we go to the next house and do it again, and again until our buckets are full.

Darcy ~ No response.  Her jaw is on the floor in disbelief of her upcoming fortune.

As luck would have it this year, we got to go trick-or-treating twice! 

Round one was with old (and I do mean in length of time, not age) friends of ours.  I actually grew up with Neil and thought of him as a little brother in my grade school years.  He and his wife, Bekah, and their two sweet girls, Katie and Emily, moved about an hour closer to us in July of this year.  Life was busy and the first time we managed to get our families together was Saturday night.  And it just so happened to be their neighborhood's hay ride and trick-or-treat community party.  Love it when things work out that way!

At the very first my kids were pretty timid, avoided interacting with other kids,  and stuck together like glue.  (Can I just say that I love that they find comfort in banding together?)

I'm pretty sure Darcy thought they were making it all up until the first house.  And when she showed off her full size Twix, I could see the gears turning in her head.  Suddenly she went from apprehensive to thinking, 'Hey, this is gonna be REALLY fun!'

perhaps my favorite detail of the photo is the fact that she's holding the Twix bar upside down
After that first house (where every kid on the wagon got a full size candy bar) it was game on!  We'd ask Caleb to slow down a bit as it was getting dark ~ and we didn't want him to trip ~ and he'd look at us, quite put out mind you, and state the what was to him obvious:  'I can't slow down.  I'm a RACE CAR!'
explaining his 'need for speed'
Kylie and Darcy enjoyed hanging with Katie.  They thought she was really cool.  Caleb?
Well, no matter who he was sitting with on the hay ride, either with Katie and his sisters, or his new friend Ironman,
we noticed one thing.  There was candy in his hand.  Turns out that Ironman was giving him extra AND helping him open stuff.  We got an idea of some of the carnage when we emptied his pumpkin at the end.  These were the wrappers that were inside.  There were others in pockets of many of the adults that were riding with us.
Mental note to self.  Maybe Mommy should carry the pumpkin between houses next time...

Despite the resulting sugar high, and of course the crash that followed, we had a great night!  Thanks C family for inviting us to crash  your new neighborhood's bash! 

'Dress rehearsal' for trick-or-treating?  Check.

Now for round two...

Our neighborhood is mostly older folks, so we headed to Darby and Henry's neck of the woods to finish out our sugar high.  On the way we stopped to see Mr. Jason and Ms. Leslie and the twins.  My kids enjoyed tickling baby feet.

We could have stayed much longer to listen to baby coos, but Darcy had her first taste of trick-or-treating last night and knew that there was candy to be had...

Once we arrived, two ladybugs, one race car, and two super heros did their part in cleaning out the candy stashes in the local area.

Darcy preferred walking with her buddy Henry (they are two months apart in age and are now in the same Sunday School class when we attend the same worship hour).
Darkness was no match for Super girl and her lady bug sidekick as they raced down the sidewalk from house to house, hand in hand.
there were a few wipeouts, but always plenty of hands to pick up any candy that spilled
Caleb was starting to show signs of candy overload. 

Before we knew it, pumpkins were loaded to the brim with candy and we'd hit all the 'not scary' houses on the block.  Last hugs were exchanged and we were headed home to begin sugar detox.
these two make me smile.  i honestly can't remember ever hearing a cross word between them.
Halloween may be a ridiculous occasion.  But seeing my bunch light up in simple joys is worth costume selection!  Here's hoping at least one of my boys will fit into (and still desire to wear) McQueen next year...

I'm sure there will be a lot of other costume cuteness this week in other snapshots.  I'm headed off to get some ideas for costumes for next year!

Ni Hao Y'all


Laurie said...

OH, Kristi, it looks like they had SO much fun! It was fun to see how Darcy handled her first experience- like a trooper! The costumes were all just precious!

Traci said...

Too cute!!! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun too! Love the costumes. Maylin was a lady bug too!

Annie said...

They are darling, Kristi!!!! What fun to be able to trick or treat 2 nights in a row! I always anticipate the candy that my kids don't want! Yum!!!

The Ferrill's said...

How FUN! I love your little ladybugs and Lightning! And I also love that they got to trick or treat with friends, new and old!
Let's see, next year you'll have four little ones to dress up! Hooray!

Ann Marie said...

Oh my goodness are those matching lady bug costumes fun! Drew too could not believe how wonderful this holiday is!

Angela said...

Now that is what I call cute! Lia was a ladybug too and Alex was a recycled Jedi from last year. But if he had seen Caleb's costume first...well then I'd have been doing some last minute shopping, I'm sure. :)

Nancy said...

Great costumes! The kids look adorable! Caleb looked like a really big boy though, they grow up so fast. Noah would love his Cars costume. Happy Halloween!

Amy Murphy said...

Oh, my word! So much fun, such cuteness! And I looove how sneaky McQueen was with the candy!

Kelly said...

Hi. I saw your comment on Shopping with a Purpose and your photo looked like a "red couch photo".. We have a daughter from China. Love the red couch photos--your crew is adorable, esp. in their costumes!

Grandma Shultz said...

Love your costumes. Lightening McQueen, I know that you were really fast getting to each house.
You ladybugs are adorable.

Michelle said...

These are the cutest ladybugs and race car.. Glad they had a great time and got alot of candy..

Jordan Carl said...

I love the conversation/explanation that went on. I can just picture the three of them talking about it and Caleb's obvious focus of the whole night, Kylie's attention to detail, and Darcy's wonder and amazement at what is about to happen!

C.C. said...

I LOVE our Miller time at Halloween:-)