A day to celebrate

Kylie and Darby met their parents on the same day back in 2007.  And then two years and four days ago, these two sweet girls hugged each other at the Beijing airport, wishing each other luck in meeting their new brothers.

Wednesday when they greeted each other to celebrate Caleb and Henry's two year Forever Family Day, it didn't take long before they were mobbed by their adoring younger siblings.

With our big girls being 'China sisters' our boys being 'China brothers' AND us living in the same metro area, we've decided that celebrating together is too easy to pass up!  As is the case when we find times to sync up our schedules with the C family, there was lots of laughter and plenty of hugs!

Our venue to celebrate this year?  A local pumpkin patch.

There was plenty to do.  Highlights included 'horsie' tire swings.

The ride on tractors were also pretty popular.  And a sign of a true friend?  Being willing to push when necessary...

There was a hayride.

And of course there were pumpkins.  Darcy looked at me like I was nuts when I suggested that she pick one out for herself.  She pretty much blew me off and pointed vaguely to one.  I suppose that the entire concept is pretty strange.  Maybe next year.  Despite the 85 degree heat, Caleb at least humored me enough to bend over and pick up a pumpkin.
Then came time for the obligatory photo shoots.

we 'heart' the C family

what's it gonna be like trying to get four to look?
us ~ for the second year in a row missing a family member at the pumpkin patch...

my favorite of many, MANY outtakes

On the way out, we gave the kids some time to explore the corn maze.  Now there are some much bigger corn mazes near us.  You know, the kind that takes over an hour to navigate and you're given a long pole with a flag in case you get helplessly lost.  And we tried to get to one, but it was closed during a time it was supposed to be open.  In the end we realized that our guys probably had more fun running through this one.  It was the smiles that gave it away!

our brave boys leading the way

is it just me, or does she look so much older than 4 1/2 in this shot?

henry is obviously pretty excited to be leading the pack to the exit

all grins and giggles even if she was last
We topped off the afternoon with dinner.  Once again, the smiles convey much more than words.
so the girls are too busy working on egg drop soup (kung pao chicken for ky) to look up

oh how our lives have changed since these two have come along!
Between the pumpkins and the yummy food, it was a wonderful way to celebrate two years with our boys!


Pam said...

What a perfect way to celebrate Caleb and Henry! Such fun. Wish we lived a bit closer and could join in on the celebration, too.

Donna said...

What a great day!!!
We heart the M & C families too!!!!!

Gracie's Mom said...

What a wonderful moment and such sweet pictures of their faces full of joy! Love this entry!

Lindy said...

I love how affectionate your children are with other children. Caleb and Henry look a lot alike in the soup picture. How nice you can keep in touch with these friends.

Jordan Carl said...

Looks like a fun time!!! Did you decorate any pumpkins?

Nancy said...

What a fantastic way to celebrate! Good times with good friends. Love the pix, especially the family photo.

Traci said...

Happy Forever Family Day Caleb and Henry!

Glenda said...

I love the family picture(minus one)! Isn't it neat how God brings us all together. What would be the odds that you all would travel together, not once, but twice? And then, live so close by? Gotta be the Lord.

Laine said...

I've decided instead of a swingset I'm just going to plant a bunch of corn and make a maze in my kiddos had so much fun in the one at our pumpkin patch! Who needs riding toys and trampolines anyway? :)
Looks like a fun sweet day with fun sweet friends!
We miss yall!

Grandma Shultz said...

What a delightful celebration. Caleb and Henry we are so happy that you are part of your "forever" families. What a difference you have both made in your families lives.
I wanna go to the pumpkin patch and out to eat that yummy Chinese food.
Girls, you all look great in your costumes.

C.C. said...

What a perfectly perfect afternoon! Even if we did have a bumpy start;-)