Welcome home Corrie!

In a few hours the kids and I will load into the van, swing by Ian's office to pick him up, and then head to the airport.  No bags are packed though, cause this time we aren't going anywhere (still sticking strong to my resolution to never again fly with three kids under the age of five...)

Rather, we are going to welcome home one of America's newest citizens ~ Corrie Sifan Rose.

Our dear friends Battle and Shannon (at Promises and Possibilities) are getting back from Ethiopia today and we are so ready to welcome them home!  For days now Kylie has been asking, "Is this the day we get to meet Lottie's baby (sister) Corrie?"

Finally today the answer is "Yes!"


Leslie said...

Oh my gosh - she is just the cutest little thing! I love Shannon's blog. What a beautiful little girl. Welcome home, Corrie!

Our Journey said...

I remeber her family from our trip to China for the girls! What a BEAUTIFUL little girl Corrie is - what a blessed family! Thanks for posting -- it was great to go back & read about their trip! I feel my heart tugging again - ever time I read someones story!

Madeleine said...


May they family be blessed beyond imagination.

Cindy M said...

I would so love to be there, too! Give that little doll and those sweet friends a hug and a kiss from me...I'll be there soon!!!

Rachelle said...

Praise God! Another child is home!!!!!

She is beautiful!

Nancy said...

So cute! Welcome home!