The new look

I hate it when I get busy with the daily grind and overlook something that I shouldn't!  The new look around here was a work in progress and by the time it was all said and done, I had forgotten to give a shout out to Ashton at Princess Blog Designs.
Ashton is a teen with a total heart for orphans.  Initially she was dabbling at blog designs to raise money to help offset the cost of her going to China with her family to meet her little brother.  Now that they have come home with precious Andrew, she is hoping to raise funds to go on a mission trip to Uganda. 
Ashton is a delight to work with, her prices are very affordable, and her work speaks for itself.  I'm so happy with the new look here at Fireworks and Fireflies, from the sepia tone pictures in the header and sidebar, to the overall design.  And if you know me, you know that none of the design ideas came from my mind, cause I missed the creativity gene in our family! 
If you are considering a blogover, get on over to Princess Blog Designs
And tell Ashton I sent you, okay?


Chris said...

I love the 'new look'! :)

Ashton did a wonderful job!!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

What an enterprising young lady! And I love the new look... the Tongginator calls these "polky dots."

Donna said...

Love the new look - I'll give her a hollar when I'm ready for a new 'doo for mine!

Sharon said...

Love the new look!!!

Nancy said...

THe new design is so cute and for a great cause!