First visit to the pool?

(June 2)
During a two day break from my kitchen duties at CCC staff training, the kids and I took advantage of our geographical location to spend a long afternoon with my college roomie and her family.  Beth and her husband Tim graciously skipped a fancy lunch out to celebrate their 15th anniversary.  Instead they took me to my favorite local sub shop to appease my cravings.  (Now that's how you know the friendship is real folks!  I mean Beth likes it too and all, but it certainly is not a five star eating establishment...)

After we all had our fill, we headed back to her house for some serious splashin' in the pool.  It was Darcy's first time swimming, at least since she's been in our family.  She did however insist that she had been to a pool before when we asked her.
My baby with Beth's baby.  Sera, how can you already be 11?
Her confidence in the water left me wondering if indeed it was her first pool experience.
 Two fishes!
Who knows, maybe her foster mother had connections or perhaps there was a pool for families to use at the CWI?

Kylie and Caleb also showed a much higher level of comfort in the water.  Sera and Beth showed them how to "choo choo" around the edge of the pool.  And then my little trains took off.
 My beautiful locomotive.
Cutest little "engine that could!"

This may be the summer we finally start swim lessons!  Both the big kids are starting to show a healthy respect for, but less fear of, the water and Kylie doesn't scream when drops of water hit her face.  They even were willing to kick around in their cheap "high quality" Dollar General floats ~ under close supervision of course!
When we first arrived Tim laughed and commented that my kids looked like little ducklings following me.  I had to laugh myself when I saw my ducklings following Sera later in the pool.

Between lunch, swimming, chatting, and scoring on a whole bunch of hand-me-down picture books and kids Bibles, the day passed amazingly fast.  After Anah got home from cheer leading try-outs we were treated to a yummy dinner grilled by Tim.  All too soon it was time to hit the road.

Confirmation that it was a fun day?  Caleb was asleep in his car seat before I finished backing out of the driveway.  The girls made it about five minutes longer...


Grandma Shultz said...

I'm so delighted that they are becoming more comfortable in the water. What a blessing to have such wonderful friends. Kylie, Caleb, and Darcy, Grandma is so proud of you. You did a good job!
Love you,

Laurie said...

These pictures are just TOO cute! I love the one of the 3 of them with their floaties- just precious!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, I am so glad they are all getting comfortable in the water! And they look adorable doing it!

Traci said...

Oh fun!
My kids are going to start swim lessons this summer too! Maylin decided that she knew how to swim and jumped off the diving board with no one there... Luckily I was close by because she was just sinking... no kicking or anything... I pulled her up and she just laughed! Ugh! She scared me to death!

Rachelle said...

Looks like they love the water! Fun stuff!

Melanie & David said...

great swimming photos and there is nothing better than spending time with good friends. If the kids are going to have a lot of swimming I cannot possibly recommend highly enough, the STEARNS Puddlejumper. It's the most amazing safety swimming device ever. My mom found them at the Bass Pro Shop for Indigo's birthday 3rd birthday (she got two so Indigo could lend one to a friend - and they were ladybugs!). Now Isaac has one too. They are fantastic and the kids love them and stay in them happily the whole time we are on the beach and around the lake. they don't restrict their movement and so don't ride up under the chin or armpits, so they can play freely when on the beach, but they are so well balanced in the water, it's incredible. Indigo "swims" all the way out to the rope with me at the lake and Isaac will just float by himself for hours in his. When I am more caught up there will be plenty of photos posted of them in these. I think you can order them online too but get that brand - I don't think there are copycats but just in case. They are coast guard rated too. I LOVE them.

Anonymous said...

We had a great day....kind of hard to see our "babies" in a photo together. They grow up so fast!! But, I love each stage more than the last so you only have more joy to look forward to! It was great to be able to catch up with you and enjoy real conversation for a whole day!! I am hoping you guys can join us for a day on the beach. Be sure to call me sometime this week!

My favorite picture is the duck one. Too cute..... I think you will have 3 swimmers in no time...Momma will be able to sit by the pool and relax a little.

Thanks so much for spending the day with us. I think I went to bed a little early after everyone left as well. :)


PS.....chugga chugga choo choo....chugga chugga choo choo...
I think that sounds was in my head for a week!!

Nancy said...

Sounds like an awesome visit! I like the photo of the kids in the line in the pool! Swimming always makes me super sleepy too!