Sunday Snapshot {Caleb's dream family}

**I was silent for much of last week.  Part of last week was pretty bad.  But “our socks were blessed off” as we were spontaneously whisked away for a retreat to the mountains of Georgia by precious friends.  The trip was suggested on Thursday mid-day and by Friday morning the van was packed and we were rolling.  Right now I'm still living in the weekend.  I'll focus on the negative aspects of last week in another post, probably tomorrow.** 

Two weeks ago Caleb was telling his Sunday School teacher all about his brother.  This weekend he got to experience having a partner in crime when he met Quan.  While they weren't glued to one another's sides as both Laine and I figured they would be, the two did show signs that with more time spent together they likely would become a dynamic duo.  In terms of energy and “mama melting smiling ability” they were two kindred spirits to say the least.

Of course Caleb's dream family extends beyond just adding one brother.  He got the chance to test out what it would be like to have four brothers.  His complete lack of acknowledging my presence as I stood and snapped pictures ~ he RARELY misses a chance to make the “Uncle Adam face” for the camera ~ shows that he was lovin' it.

There was also the fun of having a handful of kiddos around so close to his own age.  Caleb was sure to be in the middle of ANYTHING going on, even if he doesn't quite grasp the strategy of checkers just yet.

He also thought he was hot stuff to have the advantage of getting to eat first as one of “the littles” ~ what we dubbed those age five and under in our cabin this weekend.

But the best part for him was ~ if even just for the weekend ~ being able to realize his “family size dream.”

If you ask Caleb “how many kids should be in your family?” he always, ALWAYS responds by holding up all fingers on his left hand first and saying “five brothers...”

(pause.  Big smile.  Holds up all fingers on his right hand.) “...and five sisters!”  (Even bigger smile).

And while the ratio was slightly off ~ we have six girls and five boys between us instead of Caleb's dream of five girls and six boys ~ Caleb got his chance to be one of eleven from Friday to Sunday.  From the smile still plastered on his face, I think he liked it. (For that matter, from the smiles plastered on all our faces, I think it is pretty obvious we all did...)

My response to his “five brothers and five sisters” request?

“Baby, we're gonna need a bigger van...”

Thanks F family for letting the love of Jesus shine on us this weekend.  It was more uplifting than you know.  We love you all!

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Ni Hao Y'all


Nancy said...

Love the photos!

Stefanie said...

Hey! I know that family!!
What a time I bet you all had... what a BLESSING!!! LOVE IT!!
The pictures are fabulous, everyone looks so HAPPY :)
YAY for big ol' families ;)

Traci said...

It looks like you guys had a blast.
Thanks to Laine for the "stash"!

Melissa said...

Hey there - so glad you were whisked away for the week-end. It looks like there were lots of smiles and fun memories made!!! Here's to a better week :)

Jenn said...

Looks like you had a fabulous weekend!

Praying for you!

Tina Michelle said...

That looks like so much fun. Glad he had so much fun with so many friends!

Chris said...

What a great 'dream' family!!!

Love the photos & all those happy faces!!!

Lindy said...

Sorry you had a bad week. I missed reading your posts. Hope things are getting better. God bless!!

Laine said...

Oh how I wish we were back there NOW!!!!!!!!!!
It really was a slice of Heaven! (And I'm so glad we didn't float away, aren't you?)

Gavin's Family said...

What a fun weekend!!! How could it not be with all those kids?

Our Journey to China said...

It looks like you all had a GREAT time! We miss you ALL! You all look great! Love, the Boyd Family

Nicole said...

What a fun time!!!