Easter weekend {part 1 ~ Saturday}

(Still working on a post about sitting in the waiting chair on Wednesday and how things have gone since we've been home.  I learned a lot about myself, my faith, and my God in the process.  Keep checking back...)

Despite the trouble we had finding a rental vehicle (which we still have by the way, the repair shop found about $900 more in damages once they removed the radiator of the Sienna and at best we'll be able to return the tank the Tahoe on Monday...) Ian and I were determined to head home to visit family for Easter.  It was a wonderful weekend in which Mom's three newest grand kids discovered and explored "the farm" as we affectionately call Mom's place.  Aside from church, we never left her house.  The weather was sunny and warm.

It was perfect.

Saturday afternoon we went to say hello to the horses at the fence...

...learned a little about basketball from second cousins (isn't that what my kids and my cousin's kids are to each other?)...

...helped a cousin on a big wheel...

...and then a sister too.

All that play made the kids thirsty.  Just after they went inside to get a drink, Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Traci, cousin Tricia, and cousin Jami saw the EB as he hopped away saying something about coming early with eggs due to a busy schedule the next day.  Then the hunt was on!

Despite the fact that there were nearly 200 eggs, these nine made pretty short work of them and I failed to get a good shot of everyone.  I focused mostly on the three kids who had never participated in the strange custom of looking for plastic eggs in grass before.

Darcy got pretty serious after she realized there was something inside the eggs.

Kylie and Caleb zoomed by, but were too intent to pose for pictures.

Maylin obviously figured out that some of the eggs had chocolate...

Pierson got a bit distracted from the eggs.

The kids older than six (along with Pierson who decided he was short on eggs after the distractions) kept looking, but the younger crowd decided to check out their loot.

So glad we made it to town!

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Nancy said...

Happy Easter! I am so glad you were able to make it your mom's. Its so great to see your kids and your sister's kids!