Yuexiu Park (Sunday, February 28 ~ Lantern Festival)

Happy Lantern Festival Day!

It's not too often that you travel some 12,000 miles across the planet to meet up with friends from home, but on this trip we had the chance to do just that.  Adam and Lindsay just moved to China for a 18 to 24 month stint with his company.  And while we were at Life group just two weeks ago together, Lindsay really wanted to meet Darcy before we headed home.  So yesterday they took the bus from their new city down to Guangzhou to spend the day with us.  We enjoyed hearing their impressions of their new hometown, and of course were happy to introduce them to the newest addition to our family. 

The only bummer is that the humidity was CRAZY yesterday and we chose the wrong park (Yuexiu ~ with MANY STEPS) for such a hot day to stroll.  Despite the sweat running down our brows, we did have a nice visit at the park.


Kylie thinks Mr. Adam is pretty cool, especially because he offered to carry her on his shoulders for a while.   

My beautiful girls.  Their adorable brother was sacked out in the stroller.

Family photo at the main entrance.

We walked around for about an hour and a half (and never found the five rams statue ~ where were the "you are here" stickers on the maps?) and finally decided that we were hot and hungry so we walked back to the China Hotel to catch a taxi.  And of course while we were there, we walked into the lobby to show Kylie where we stayed when we met her three years ago.

 My big girl with her siblings in "her hotel" lobby.

We enjoyed a lunch at the Malaysian restaurant near our hotel and then all too soon it was time to say goodbye to Adam and Lindsay.  Kylie said, "I'll see you at Jason and Leslie's house next time."  Then Lindsay and I explained to her that it would be a little longer than that.  Kylie asked how long and Lindsay said, "Well, you're about to turn four now, so you'll be almost six."  Man we are gonna miss those two, but we sure can't wait to watch their adventures unfold.

My kiddos getting in one last hug before goodbye. 


Anonymous said...

Awe how sad... I am trying not to be jealous that a non-family member got to hold Darcy before me! :)
Aunt Cici

Cindy M said...

Okay, LOVE that photo of the two girls! Just darling!

Secondly, I am laughing my hiney off that Caleb has some form of candy or food in his hands and/or mouth in the majority of your shots!

And, last, I thought that was the park that Shannon and Battle went to. I think Mindy went with them to take their photo. They were all hot, sweaty and exhausted when they got back. And that was the day of the infamous (non) purse expedition, remember?

You got to go into the China Hotel, huh? I'll be that was a fun blast from the recent past! Especially because it is so close to the same time of year! You should have stopped and gotten a foot rub! When we go back, I want to try to visit the gardens at the DongFang Hotel next door. Can't believe we missed that, too!

So glad to hear more about your trip!

Leslie said...

How awesome that y'all were able to meet up in China! It's great that Lindsay and Adam got to meet sweet Darcy, because they won't get another chance for a couple years (I can't believe it!). I love the pictures! Beautiful parks!

Shannon said...

Yes got it !! That WAS the park!!! I am sure Mindy remembers ALL TO WELL!!! :) We had great difficulty finding the ram statue too!! And oh yes the steps!!! WE finally found the statue at the top of hundreds ...yes hundreds of steps!!And us silly tarheels donned our carolina blue hoodies for the pics!! The heels had had a better season then than now! :)
Thanks Kristi for the walk down memory lane!
Your pics are as always ...precious!!
Only 3 sleeps till we see you guys!!
Can' wait!!

Nancy said...

What an awesome and special day (minus the heat)! LOVE the family photo. It just makes my heart melt.

Melanie & David said...

Lovely photos - we just went to that park when we were in China and loved it - however, I don't think it was quite so hot. Our kids loved the carousel and car rides there. Great photos of the children - love the one of Kylie and Darcy. I am hoping you're planning a trip to VA not too long after your return home. I can't believe they changed the decorations in the lobby yet again - looks another stunner - that hotel is too gorgeous. Melanie

Heather said...

How fun to meet up with friend. And I remember those steps well (at the hotel) and really missed them last time. Love the family shot - it's perfect now! Unless you think Caleb might need a brother, ha! Praying for the rest of your trip.