Lantern Festival night

(Night of Sunday the 28th ~ Lantern Festival which marks the official end of Chinese New Year)

After a short nap ~ our poor babies were so tired and both girls cried when we woke them up ~ we went with our group out to dinner at a local Chinese restaurant to eat a family style meal together.  Several dishes were super delicious, a few were okay, and a few were left mostly untouched.  But it was a nice evening and fun to be part of the crowd of folks squeezing into the restaurant to celebrate Lantern Festival.

We learned that if you don't get our girl some chopsticks fast enough, she'll improvise...  And yes, she ate all her rice using these two toothpicks.  I guess the short size made them more manageable.

On the short walk back to our hotel we couldn't help but notice the moon ~ the brightest full moon of the year.

We stopped to get a quick picture of the CNY decorations out front of our hotel, and were glad that we did then. 

When we left Monday morning they had drained the pond and workers were disassembling the child sitting on the giant fish.  By yesterday afternoon the child was sitting in the grass along with all the fish next to the empty pool.  It really looked rather funny.

And as we walked back, we took the opportunity to swap family pictures.  This is sweet Kevin (he lived at New Day Healing Home for a while) and part of his new family ~ he has five other siblings at home.

And of course our own new family...


We finished the evening by heading up to Kevin's family's suite (they are in an executive suite and if we thought our room was swanky...) to chat for a while.  It was a nice opportunity to really get to know some of our travel mates a little better.  Too bad they live in Alabama, I think our kids would have lots of fun together...

Katie putting one of their new DVDs on for Kylie and Candy. 

Caleb and Kevin multi-tasking by playing Leapster and Etch-a-sketch AND watching TV (Caleb's idea of heaven on earth!)



Anonymous said...

Oh how fun. I love all the lanterns. Darcy looks like she is fitting right in.

We booked our tickets yesterday!!! Yippie! Can't wait three weeks!
Aunt Cici

Leslie said...

Toothpick chopsticks? Wow, she has some dexterity! =) That's impressive.

Heather said...

I agree - toothpick chopsticks, wow! How fun to see you all with Kevin's family. He is such a sweet baby doll. Love all the pictures. The family pictures keep getting better and better BUT this time my favorite is the one of the girls walking and "talking" together. Precious. Enjoy your last days.

Anonymous said...

Love the family photo of the five of you with the lanterns in the background! ~Kate and Andy

Cindy M said...

So glad you got that photo! Really cool! I am blown away by Darcy's ability to use chopsticks! I ate three bites on Gotcha Day and gave up. Of course, I'd probably lose some weight if I'd only eat with chopsticks!

Nancy said...

Wow, mini chopsticks?! That is very creative! Love the photo of you and the kids by the moon.

Lisa said...

Wow...for someone who was worried about not being able to get all three kids to look in the same direction, you got a couple GREAT pictures! I just can't get over how beautiful it is to see you family of five!!!