Wanna go back to Asia with my family?

Well, with my sister anyway?  Our extended family invites you across the globe again this month.  Follow along as my sister, Traci, (known as Aunt CiCi to my kids) and her husband, Adam, (or "Unca Ad-ham") go to meet the cutest kids in Taiwan, Pierson (5) and Maylin (4). 

Traci and Adam finally have their own little corner of the web, you can find them on blogger at The Bridge You Pass.  I know I'm gonna be glued to my computer starting next Wednesday when they leave!  Oh how I wish time (and that pesky thing called money) had worked out such that I could be going along!  I guess I just will have a lot of spoiling my niece and nephew to do when they get back.

The only thing we ask in return for getting to go "to go along on the trip" this time is prayer for Traci.  She's flat on her couch hooked up to a "shocker thing" to help some spasms in her back. She meets her kids in NINE DAYS and wants to be able to pick them up and love on them (not to mention that she's crossing the globe in four days).  Please petition the heavens with us that her back will heal!

Oh, and swing on over and give her a hello...


Traci said...

Thanks for petitioning the prayers! I need it!
Love you and wish you could go with us too! 4 days until we leave 10 until we are parents! :)
Aunt Cici

Nancy said...

YAY Aunt Krisi! I will definitely be praying for your sister (for the trip, her back, etc.). I'm heading over to her blog now to add it to my feed!

Lisa said...

I'll be praying for Traci.It would have been wonderful for you to travel with them time ;0)

The Ferrill's said...

Oh I will be praying for your sister's family and for her back to feel better! How exciting that they are so close!
Love all your posts, Kristi! That pic of your three in the chair watching Diego is ADORABLE! How can you not just EAT THEM UP?????

Our Journey said...

How exciting!! I've been wondering if they would blog..I just love the pictures of these little ones...they are too cute! We'll be praying for her & her back & watching with anticipation for updates on their trip!!