Village tour

(recap of Wednesday, March 3)

When dawn finally appeared on Wednesday morning Ian and I were so relieved.  Caleb had been up through the night with an hour + coughing spell.  Ian took him into a steamy shower, but that didn't seem to do much.  We also knew that cold night air would help, but with the warm, humid air in GZ, we knew going downstairs to go outside would be a wash.  So finally we moved the girls into the bedroom (where Ian went to sleep as well) and shut the door and cranked the air in the living room as cold as it would go.  I bundled up under the covers and prayed for my little one (and had family and some close friends praying here at home via email) and finally he began to breathe easier.  We've dealt with croup type stuff before, but somehow those things are easier to cope with in your own home.

Anyway, we weren't sure if we would be joining our group on the local village tour, but eventually we decided that sitting around the hotel room would make us crazy.  So we hurried through breakfast and headed out.    And I'm so glad that we did!  All of our time in China to date has been spent in large cities with populations over five million ~ Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Hangzhou ~ with the exception of a day trip to Xianning City (Caleb's home town) which was still a "city."  (This series of pictures is especially for you Laine since you guys had to pack instead of joining us)

This venture outside the big city provided a glimpse into what life looks like for many.  And yes, I know that there is also "country village living," but this was "city village living" and was still drastically different than the pulse of any of the big cities we've spent time in.

 A man selling starfruit and some folks who had stopped to chat for a while.

 An opportunity for another family picture.  Two "overachievers" in the smiling department and one who was obviously "not in the mood."

 A dried out canal ~ supposedly able to support boat traffic during the rainy season.

 Exploring together.

CNY couplets framing the doorway of a family home.

 Just an interesting alley. 

More CNY couplets framing a "rich person's house."  (Obvious because of the private courtyard we caught a glimpse of).

An oyster shell wall on one of the homes.

A look at everyday life.
The corner store.

Community gathering.

 The restaurant opens.

Caleb "disrespecting" the village temple urn.

Kylie found a spot to relax for a few minutes.
Darcy with our guide Mico and travel-mate Liem.

 Had to document my boy getting lost in time over a leaf...

And then shortly after we got back to the hotel our group began to disband.  Two families took the train to Hong Kong while a third had a late flight back to CA.  It was that afternoon that I started to feel "not so good," but I pushed on in order to enjoy one last dinner with part of our group at the Banana Leaf.  By that point I was so done with noodles and rice and would have loved to order in from Danny's Bagel, but it was the last chance to hang with Lyla's family and with Janie's family.  And my children dancing with the wait staff made choking down one more noodle worth it...


Melanie & David said...

Kristi - you are doing a great job getting caught up with your posts and your little village tour looks like the sort of thing that is right up my alley. Love the family of 5 photo - very sweet and nicely framed by the tree and many other great photos. Funny that you knew that guide as Miko - when we were just there she was Vicki(y)? to us - she seemed to be Rebecca's assistant guide. Perhaps my ears were clogged and I called her by the wrong name all along... glad you are feeling better. I hope you caught up on some sleep this weekend in addition to your power blogging. We're so happy that news from the neurologist has been good - I had a good feeling because Darcy seems so on track emotionally, mentally and developmentally and we knew no history of seizures so we're happy that things sound good (although keen for details) in that regard and obviously hoping and praying with you that everything will work out with the glaucoma treatment, be it with the drops or if she needs surgery - you have an amazing support system and lots of people who are holding her in their hearts and their prayers. Melanie, David, Indigo and Isaac

Cindy M said...

I hope when we return to China we are able to see a village like this. You took awesome photos! Gotta add the Banana Leaf to our list, too! And you made it way longer than I would have with the noodles and rice thing.

Nancy said...

Great photos of China that your children will cherish! But my favorite is the girls holding hands.

Grandma Shultz said...

My three grandchildren - did I mention 3! - look like they are getting along so well. If we could all just learn to love and accept like they do. Am learning so much about the Chinese and their culture from your pictures - thanks.
Love, LaoLao