You know it isn't good when...

**this picture taken BEFORE we knew of our delay, just had to add some
cuteness. Darcy was REALLY excited about flying for the first time!** board your flight an hour and ten minutes AFTER it was to have
taken off and then after everyone is buckled in an announcement comes
on (in a foreign tongue) and while you don't know what it said, you
guess a lot when you hear frustrated sighs and groans from 90% of the
other passengers. AND then they start serving the in-flight meal
while you are sitting on the tarmac.
Let's just say that it was a long evening ~ a REALLY LONG evening ~
that ran into the wee hours of the morning. We'll leave it at that.
However we are now back on familiar turf in what has to be the
"swankiest hotel" I've ever stayed in. More soon.


Laurie said...

Sorry the night was rough, but man I laughed seeing Caleb, apparently leading the group where they needed to go- so funny! And the rolling backpacks are just precious! :)

Shannon said...

Glad you are there finally!! And back in somewhat familiar territory. Look forward to hearing about the hotel. How did Caleb do with your long delay and not feeling well?
Glad Darcy was excited about flying and not scared!

Carla said...

I am so happy for you guys and I love that picture!! I am having so much fun living vicariously through your family!! Can't wait to hear about the hotel:)

In Him,

Ann Marie said...

So sorry you had such a rough trip. Not what you needed. Now that you are in Guanzhou things should get so much easier. Praying for you.

Ann Marie

Jess and Tim said...

So sorry about the delay-with one it was tough just making all those flights and keeping them seated during take-off and landing! I can't imagine and extra hour and a half-waaay past bed times huh! Our prayers are with you on this last leg of the trip! Love the island! Enjoy the warmth!


Mama said...

Sorry for the delay and the late, late night. Pray that Caleb is feeling better. Didn't God just work out that Darcy was excited and not afraid of flying. The picture is so cute pulling their luggage. Happy that you are now in Guanzhou on familiar territory. Can't wait to see pictures of the hotel!

Journeymark Cards & Gifts said...

Sorry about the long delay. I am glad to know you have made it safely to the second part of the trip. Darcy looks so precious rolling her own luggage.

Continuing to pray for you and the family.

Heather said...

Oh I am so sorry. I remember being delayed in Changsha, no guide, the announcements for gate changes coming ONLY in a language other than english and by bullhorn no less ... it was a long evening. I can't imagine it with THREE toddlers strapped IN THE plane, oh my. I am so glad you all are in Guangzhou (White Swan???) Can't wait to hear/see more my friend. The picture is so sweet - you look at that picture and I would assume those three wee world travelers have been together always. Love it!

Lisa said...

Oh No! Since I'm too late to pray you through the flight I will just have to pray that you are able to wipe it from your memory..quickly. As in before the REAL flight. Lots of prayers :0)

Anonymous said...

Ooooo. I can't wait to see pictures of the new hotel! :)

Sorry about the flight delays. Hope it wasn't too traumatic for the children.

Aunt Cici

Nancy said...

Oh no! Flight delays with three little ones must stink! But the photo is SO cute!