"Tuh, tuh, tuh, cab!"

Looking back to the beginning of our life with him, I am astounded at how much Caleb has grown

Caleb one year ago today and then this past Saturday. He's about four inches taller but still weighs 29.5 pounds...

and learned! One year ago this week I wrote the following about his language skills.

"Caleb's English has been rapidly expanding! So far his only vocal words are "chee" (cheese ~ guess you know you have the camera out too much when your child's first English word is cheese!), "bye-bye," "tank oo," "Mi-ah" (so not necessarily an English word, but one that he's learned in this house anyway...) and of course "Mama." (I suppose that one shouldn't really count since it is also Mandarin, but I'm pretty sure he realizes that means me now, so I'll take it!) He can sign "more," "please," and we are working on "all done." That may not sound like much, but I'm amazed at what all he comprehends me saying already! He responds to simple requests and questions like, "Sit down," "Do you need to go potty?" and "Are you hungry/thirsty?""

And today talks pretty much like any other three year old boy. I guess he's finally getting it.

Just the other day I overheard this conversation between he and Ian.

Caleb ~ "Uh-oh ca-ahb!"
Ian ~ "Uh-oh, what?"
Caleb ~ "Ca-ahb."
Ian ~ "Cup?"
Caleb ~ "No, CA-ahb."
Ian ~ "You know the word cab? Like a taxi car?"
Caleb ~ "No, no, CA-AHB!"
Ian ~ "A cap?"
Caleb ~ "NO, no no. CAAA-AABH!"
Ian ~ "Cup, cap, cab? I don't think I understand. Can you point to what you are saying?"
Caleb ~ "Tuh, tuh, tuh, CAAA-AABH!"
Ian ~ "Honey, a little help in here?"

And as it turned out he was saying "crab." I caught it on the second time as I watched him sound it out and point to the net we used at the beach this year ~ the context clues really helped. And yeah, he may have had the wrong sound with the "tuh, tuh, tuh," but at least he is becoming aware of phonics and stressing syllables. I have this funny feeling (a combo of being excited to see it and yet sad cause I know I will miss his "baby talk") that all the sudden he's gonna be really easy to understand and we won't play the guessing game anymore...

"You'll have to excuse me, my future is so bright..."


Nancy said...

Isn't it crazy how much they change in a year? He's so cute!

C.C. said...

Wow, that's an amazing comparison! He is so much "bigger!" Tall, dark and handsome:-)

Lilly said...

I do believe his future will be bright and determination will be even brighter. Never underestimate the little people.

Watch out world, C-A-L-E-B is ready!

Anonymous said...

So so precious!
Love these stories!
Aunt Cici

Rachelle said...

Bright future indeed! Good to read this post... I was having much speech frustrations today with the twin men. I feel so bad for them when they so want me to understand what they are getting at and I can't figure it out... I know this will not last forever.. but today my heart felt heavy for them.

Michelle said...

Caleb is so handsome.. He has a bright future.

Our Journey said...

Made me laugh outloud. And such a cute picture @ the end! Gotta love the monkey-playing-drum shirt!

Lisa said...'s coming! He's grown so much and come so far. It's been fun to watch from this side of the computer screen, so I know you are having a blast! I'm still writing a speech therapy post for you in my mind but somehow I don't think Caleb needs any help in this area :0)

Love his monkey drumming shirt btw!

a Tonggu Momma said...

It will totally happen. Be sure to write down all of the really cute phrases and "words" he uses because you'll be surprised at how much you forget. I wrote a list - with translations - a couple of years ago and looking at it always triggers some memories.

He's getting so big! And the progress is fun to see.