Abbey's birthday party

As a family, we are blessed to have a few families "that look like ours" that we have become dear friends with. One of these precious families is the family of Kylie's good friend (and Caleb's "partner in crime") "China Abbey."
Now before you go thinking that it is totally un-PC for Ky to call Abbey that, in her defense she does have a cousin named Abby too. I suppose this is just her way of making sure that she knows which Abby/Abbey I'm talking about...
Abbey is six months younger than Kylie and one month older than Caleb and the three get along splendidly! Abbey's birthday was back in September, four days before she and her parents left for China to go meet her little brother, so it is understandable that her birthday party was a bit delayed. Finally on Halloween morning schedules worked out to celebrate Abbey at her favorite place ~ "the jumpin' house!"
While it would really be hard for me to decide if the five kids or the two dads that were there had more fun, they all really enjoyed their time!
They started sliding individually, then in pairs, and before we knew it they wanted to all slide together.
Just a fun shot of my cute girl...
And then we headed back to Abbey's house for lunch, princess dress up (except for Caleb ~ while I'm sure he would have put on a dress if Kylie and Abbey told him to, Ian and I drew the line...) and a Dora pinata.
Wondering if this was going to be the lucky string.
Did I mention this was Halloween morning? My kids cleaned up that day!

We had a great time celebrating sweet Abbey and look forward to watching her continue to grow up as a loved child of God!


C.C. said...

Looks like SO much fun!! You're gonna have candy for months;-)

Michelle said...

Looks like alot of fun.. We just got home from monkey joe's. Makenna loves jumping and Mommy loves the good nap afterwards. Have a good week.

Our Journey said...

I think it's so great that you have so many "China families" near you. It looks like a fun b-day! We did the "jumpy party" last year for Anne Marie & they had a BLAST! (And so did the mommies)

Laura said...

I really wish they made those slides for adults!!! They just look like so much fun. Looks like they had a great time - but who wouldn't wtih all that candy? Score!

Laurie said...

Okay, cute pictures, but you KNOW I come on Wednesdays for some weigh-in inspiration. I hope it went well and you just forgot to post???? I'm on the wagon so far for today. It's like an hour at a time with me these days!