"We're sisters, right?"

Tonight was the kick-off of the AWAA travel group 121 Guangdong Province reunion. Six of our eleven families were able to make the trek to Herndon, VA to participate in AWAA's national reunion. We decided to forgo a fancy dinner in favor of Chick-fil-A to provide a chance for our kiddos (who traveled a minimum of five hours to be there) to stretch their weary legs. As a large group, we hadn't all been together since last July when we gathered in Natural Bridge, VA. Yet after the initial hugs of greeting were given and quick reminders of names were given to the girls, we fell back into a familiar pattern of reminiscing, sharing, laughing, and of course, playing.

Ky running out of the slide to catch up with her friends.

Grace, Kylie, Kristin, Melanie Su, and Caleb
Henry, Melanie Su, Darby, Kylie, Grace, Kristin, and Caroline
Grace, Caroline, Kylie, Kristin, Melanie Su, Darby, & Caleb. How many kids can you fit into the helicopter part of the play area?

The one comment that made the drive, fighting the cold and rain, and the cost of two nights in a hotel and all our meals out TOTALLY worth it?

About 10 minutes after the group of girls had been reacquainted, I witnessed Caroline chatting with the rest of the girls and pausing for a second. Then she said, "Because we're sisters, right?"

And giving our girls one more tiny connection to their past makes it all the cost and driving worthwhile!

*Thanks Maria for playing photographer for the night! You captured some wonderful images of our kiddos enjoying one another!


Nancy said...

That is so awesome that you get together with your group! Love the pix. Adorable! Just think, at next year's reunion, you'll have all three kids!

Denise said...

Were you there on Saturday? So were we, but it got so cold that we left! Sorry we missed out seeing you~

Somewhere In The Sun said...

Oh what a sweet gave me chills! Great pictures.


NaiNai said...

I'm so glad you can hold on to that connection - it is so precious.
Love, Grandma Miller

Cindy M said...

Oh, how Caroline loves her China sisters! Makes me sad some days that we can't get together more often. Being with all of you is truly time with family. We cherish every minute!

Those pictures of all our sweet babies smiling and laughing together just warms my heart. I love the memories they'll have as they grow up and the friendships they'll share throughout their lives!

Lisa said...

Aaaa....I'm so sad that we live so far away! I'm sure you were all blessed with a great weekend and many wonderful memories!!!

Grandma Shultz said...

What wonderful memories you are making for the precious China "sisters", china brother and for your forever families. Fills me with joy!

Pam said...

Oh what fun! And what beautiful children!

C.C. said...

That's right,'re sisters:-)

Anonymous said...

Love this!
Aunt cici