Celebrating Caleb again

I just couldn't pass up another opportunity to share images from celebrating Caleb. After all, it was the third anniversary of his birth, but only the first time with us...

This was his fourth time having folks sing Happy Birthday ~ there was a round at preschool, the free dessert sundae at Cracker Barrel, cupcakes at our house on Thursday, and now a cake at Grandma's house. I think he likes being the center of attention...
Blowing out candles, and I must add that he's not a spitter...
Little turkey got caught up in the excitement and forgot his manners for a second!
That's better! Oh, I wish I had managed to record his excitement over the fact that there were sprinkles IN the cake! Funfetti cake mix is the way to go if you have a sprinkle lover in your house!
Now that is a joyful face!
Then of course it was time to open the gifts that hadn't been shipped to our house. For the record, I have no idea what had Kylie so tickled.
Now we can enjoy walks even on a rainy day!
Even big sister got a gift ~ thanks to all who thought to provide Ky with a little something. It was her very first time of having a sibling get gifts.
And what fun is a bubble blowing fire truck if you can't get outside to enjoy it?
Love, love, love this artsy shot by my cousin!

When we came back in, Caleb went to get a closer look at his pile of loot, and Kylie set to work creating a masterpiece with Abby.

Thanks LaoLao for creating a delicious batch of your spaghetti and hosting, and thanks to NaiNai, Uncle Adam and Aunt CiCi, my cousins and their kids who came to shower my big boy with love!


Nancy said...

I LOVE his smile in the first photo. He looks so much bigger than Noah, maybe its because he's mobile. SO glad he enjoyed his festivities.

Jess and Tim said...

Oh Caleb and Gabe would be good buds-Gabe has just discovered lightning McQueen and Mater!! What a great pic eating his cake-Yummmmo!!

C.C. said...

I'm so happy that Caleb had a really special first birthday as a Miller:-) And, that bubble blowing truck has got to be the best all round toy (read: loud) I have seen yet in the boy world;-)

Our Journey said...

I love the picture of him eating his cake -- gotta love that! What joy!! Mike would LOVE Caleb's cake - I'll have to remember that next time - he'd eat sprinkles on anything!

Grandma Shultz said...

It was a wonderful day with so many loved ones around us and celebrating for the first time, our Caleb. He is such a joy!

Denise said...

He is just the cutest thing!! Love your blog BTW~

Anonymous said...

Yay for birthday boys! He is so precious!
Aunt Cici

Angela said...

What a sweet time for a sweet boy! Oh that it!

Lisa said...

He's just such a cutie!!! I love the "artsy" shot too!!! Oh and Kylie giggling is just precious!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog so much and glad that Laurie gave me your blog site to enjoy. I got to "catch up" today since I've been at Laurie's or had Aaron here, or the computer was not working for two weeks, I was way behind.
I like the new nail color. :) It's time to change mine too. Keep that scale number going down.
I was excited to finally see a picture of Darcy. How did you manage to get THREE beautiful children?
My house is so deafening quiet this week after having Aaron here or my being there for the past few weeks. I miss taking care of him so much. I'll just have to wait until Thanksgiving to see them all again.
Can't wait to follow your journey to China again.
Blessings, Marge (Laurie's mom)