Pumpkin Patch fun

After spending all day Saturday in our pajamas (I took a shower at 6pm while dinner was in the oven and then put on clean pjs) and none of us going any farther from the house than our mailbox, we decided that we'd take a venture to a pumpkin patch after church on Sunday.

We met up with these guys,

I mean seriously, are they one of the cutest couples or what?

and sat on tractors,
Don't worry Uncle Roger ~ they did like the Massey Furgeson better, the picture just didn't turn out as cute.

climbed hay bales,
celebrated victory over them,
"surfed" on the tunnel piping,
flew through the haybale maze,
explored the corn maze,
Anyone who misses Ian's puns would have loved the corn jokes we heard in that field...

tried our hand at "milking" a "cow,"
identified the perfect pumpkin,

and carried it away,
posed many times for a good picture of BOTH of my babies in the same frame,

finally got that accomplished,

and finished off our adventure with a group photo.
A good time was had by all!

Next catch-up post ~ carving those pumpkins. A first for both Caleb and Kylie (last year we were in China right now and two years ago I'm sure we had a good excuse for not carving...) Any guesses as to which kid loved the pumpkin "guts" and which cried when they touched them?


Pam said...

I must say that Caleb and Kylie are the cutest pumpkins in that patch. What a fun afternoon you all had!

Nancy said...

My guess is that Caleb cried at the pumpkin guts.

Ann Marie said...

Looks like it was a wonderful time.

Ally said...

Great photos! Hope you all have a safe weekend!

Laurie said...

Darling, darling, darling pictures! I just LOVE pumpkin picking. Unfortunately we are wet, wet, wet and haven't been able to go this week. Boo Hoo! Glad you guys had such a fun time!

Tricia said...

I'm guessing Caleb cried too. Love the outtakes! Those are priceless. Wait until you see the pictures of my kids wearing gloves to remove the pumpkin guts. :)

Gavin's Family said...

We love this time of year for all the pumpkin, apple, fall stuff! Looks like fun.

Lisa said...

What a great fall day!!! I literally used to schedule pajama days!!!

Hhmmmm...I'm guessing Caleb liked the pumpkin guts?

C.C. said...

What fun!!

Anonymous said...

WHo doesn't love a pumpkin patch?
Aunt Cici