An afternoon at the fair

Somewhat spur of the moment Ian decided to leave work early (last Thursday) so we could have a family date at the fair. We walked in the gates at 4:45 (sans stroller) and all fell exhausted into the car at 10:30. It was a full on over stimulation of rides, un-healthy food, crowds, prize winning animals blue ribbon produce and fireworks. And let me say, WE. HAD. FUN!

While I think that pictures could probably tell the full story, I do have to share Caleb's initial reaction to his first fair. As we were approaching the gates, he spotted the Ferris Wheel ~ that simple vision caused such excitement that he lost most of his vocabulary and started jumping up and down, yelling, "Yay, yay, yay!" And when he decided that wasn't enough, he used both of his hands to grab mine and started kissing my hand with such fervor that his whole body was shaking. It was a moment I'll remember forever!

We started in Kiddieland

Yeah, Caleb is in the dragon roller coaster, his hand is showing just to the right of Kylie's. Imagine that, he wasn't cooperating for a sibling shot...
Caleb sings the "Momma told me I had to ride with my sister and she chose the pink Sea-doo" blues...

Love how her protective Momma instincts are already kicking in at the tender age of 3 1/2

"How cold is this water anyway?"
Shannon, Cindy, and C.C., does this bring back any memories?
Like these kind of memories? Quick blast from the past from October '07.
Lottie, Kylie, Caroline, and Darby

Then headed off to the Midway to find some nourishment (read really UN-healthy, but fun grub)

Ian and I played our calorie cards well. While the kids each had their own corn dog, we split an Italian sausage sub and then an order of sweet potato fries so that we could splurge. Ian was crushed when he was turned away from this vendor without his much anticipated deep fried Reese's Cup. (Their fryer was messed up) But I was okay as I had another treat in mind...
It was as good as I had hoped!
And what's a fair without a little (okay, make that an entire bag) of cotton candy?

Next came the animal barns

Giving new meaning to a spit bath...
My theory? The calf must be a boy!

The big family ride
Even though the giant Ferris wheel would have cost us $20 to ride as a family if we hadn't bought our tickets ahead of time online, Kylie's enthrallment with being able to look out on the rest of the fair would have been worth the ridiculous price!

The produce exhibits
The pumpkin impressed them, but both kids were blown away with this 211 pound watermelon!

One last quick game
And a all closed off with a fireworks show
What a day ~ I'm sure we'll be still smiling about it when the fair rolls around next year! (When we'll be keeping up our THREE kids...)


Laurie said...

WOW! That really does look like a lot of fun! I loved the one of Kylie buckling Caleb in. We get that at our house too and I just love it! :) OH, and congrats on yesterday's weigh-in. YIPPEE!! I guess splitting stuff with Ian paid off. Good for you!

Tricia said...

The picture of Kylie in the ferris wheel almost made me sick to my stomach. I hate those things. I'm prety sure I wouldn't have gotten on it if you had paid ME $20. So glad all of you had such a good time. Love the cow picture!

Lisa said...

What a blast! The fact that Caleb rode the rides and was excited by them gives me so much hope. KayLi is still scared of the Little rides at the local pizza place :0(

It looks like you all had a wonderful day!!!!

C.C. said...


Nancy said...

Isn't it so much fun to experience these things with our kids? Looks like a great time!!! I miss the fair food!

Heather said...

First of all LOVELOVELOVE the ferris wheel shot, wonderful! Now .. the food, I am drooling and sad .. there are 302 days until the fair is back, not that I am counting,ha! :) Looks like a wonderful time had by all. What wonderful memories - just think next year there will be THREE precious kiddos on those rides and games!

Laura said...

Looks like a great time!!!! Deep fried moon pie??!! Where has that been all my life?

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Kylie on the Ferris wheel.

Pam said...

Oh my, WHAT FUN!!!!!!