The preschool chronicles

So the first day went freakishly well. Both kids waltzed into their classes in the morning, excitedly ran to me when I arrived to pick them up, chatted up a storm on the way home, and fell asleep within minutes for their naps.

Day two was not as great. Kylie happily went into her class, and Caleb walked proudly in front of me down the hall the rest of the way to his class. But when we got there, another little boy was crying (or wailing actually) about being left at school. Caleb looked back and forth between the little boy and me several times and then must have decided that crying was "the thing to do," because he let loose with a wail and had to be peeled off me by his teacher. I felt dreadful, but I remembered from my preschool teaching days that a kiss and a quick goodbye was best, and so I left him. When I returned at the end of the day he was all smiles and his teacher said he had calmed down quickly and never missed a beat the rest of the day.

At that point I figured we were golden. Uh, yeah, about that...

And no, the problem isn't with my "new to school" kiddo. It's been Ky. Yes, as in Kylie, the girl who has been asking when she could go back to preschool since we moved here last October. The one that begged me for weeks to find her a new school. The one that jumped up and down when we finally found "the place." The one who could hardly sleep the night before her fist day because she was "so cit-ed!"

I went wrong by deciding on the fourth day of preschool that I was going to walk on the indoor track that overlooks the gym. It was a rainy day after all and I knew that it was now or never on the exercise thing. I took the kids to school dressed in workout clothes and with my hair pulled back in a "pony" and Ky wanted to know why I looked funny. So I told her. Well, with the rainy day, the classes didn't get to go out on the playground. They spent their play time in the gym. But play time is around 11, over an hour after I had left to grocery shop and then shower.

Any experienced mothers able to guess what happened?

Yep, she apparently walked into the gym and started trying to locate me. Her teacher said that she watched the track for a few minutes and then the bottom lip started to wobble. Then when Ms. Kerri asked what was wrong, she lost it. We're talking sobbing to the point of gagging.

They were about to call me when Caleb's class walked in. His class holds a rope while they move down the hall to help them get the concept of a line. Ms. Kerri said that Caleb started looking around when he heard the sound of crying and when he saw Kylie he dropped the rope and went running. Ms. Amanda (Caleb's teacher) called his name, but all he did was yell out, "My Ky-yee tyin!" and kept running to hug his sister. And she calmed down instantly.

Ah, the bonds of family. Just goes to prove that it is not only about genetics...

Taken about a week ago, they usually are this close together when they play.

**As a PS though, please leave suggestions on how to help Kylie get through this. She is still having a rough time each day despite the fact that I've told her that I'm not going to be on the track when her class comes in.


Jenn said...

Get a little pic of yourself and laminate it. Then let her put it on her pocket or pin it in her get the idea. Then whenever she misses you she can look at it. Also read The Kissing Hand with her and do your own little thing.

Lisa said...

Here's my corny but kinda cute suggestion. I've seen it work though.

Put on lipstick and kiss her hand when you drop her off. Tell if she need a kiss during the day all she has to do is put her hand to her check and it's just like you're kissing her.

Told ya....corny but cute!

Nancy said...

Aww... sounds like a rough week. But that was so cute how Caleb wanted to comfort his sister.

I wish I had some advice for you but I'm behind you.

Has it really been a year already that you've been there? Does that mean Caleb's one year gotcha anniversary is coming up?

Hope things go smoothly.

Tricia said...

I only had trouble with the actual drop-off for a while. I used the "no crying candy." You don't cry, and I give you a tiny piece of candy. For a while I used Hershey give me a kiss good-bye without crying and I give you a kiss. I'm not sure what to do if her problem is during the time she's there. It's so sweet that Caleb rushed to comfort her.

Cindy M said...

Don't ask me. Many years of parenting and being director of an entire early childhood program netted me a hamster in order to get a certain little blonde girl to stop crying when she started third grade in a new school.

Seriously, though, the picture thing worked for a few kids at our school, too. Is she still crying during the day or just at drop off? Poor Kylie. Poor Mommy. I'll pray...

And Caleb, without a doubt, I adore you.

Our Journey said...

I don't know if this will help...I did this w/ Anne Marie the 1st day, but she has 2 very "best buds" in her class, so she's usually not worried about me! I read somewhere that you should let her wear something that reminds her of you. I wore my bracelet from China & let Anne Marie wear hers (you could let her wear something of yours?) I told her that anytime she missed me (or if I missed her) we could look @ our bracelets and remember each other! I hope that things for her get better heartbreaking for you guys!! And Ooooohhh what a sweet story about Caleb running to comfort her!

Larry and Carol said...

The fact that Caleb left his group to comfort Kylie says alot about the love and closeness you and Ian are building in your family. The other stuff kind of works out on it's own. And I totally agree, it is not all about genetics. Love, Aunt Carol

NaiNai said...

I am speechless at the devotion Kylie and Caleb have for each other - it is so touching. Kylie is obviously very deeply affected by separation, which is understandable. Your friends' ideas sound very practical and sensitive. I bet one of them works. I will keep all of you in my prayers.
Love, Grandma Miller

Jessica @ How Sweet said...

I found your blog from Pioneer Woman. It is very cute! :)

Grandma Shultz said...

Oh, my heart is just bursting with love for those little munchkins. They both have such sweet, sensitive hearts. Caleb breaking the rules to run because his "Ky-yee tyin" is so precious. I'm praying that Kylie will get into the swing of things and stop being upset when she doesn't see you in the gymn.
Love you, LaoLao