(sigh) Who knew? (even bigger sigh)

I guess I should have known that Dell would require FedEx to get a signature on the delivery of a laptop...

In hindsight (always so much clearer than foresight) I actually wondered if they'd leave my sweet Dell on the front porch if I wasn't here, but the kids and I headed out and about for a bit this afternoon anyway. And when I got home there was the "Sorry we missed you" tag from FedEx. The part that REALLY STINKS is that the note was still warm on the door, we'd missed them by less than ten minutes.
Two weeks without my trusted "tohm-puter" (as Kylie says) has done strange things to my mind. I actually considered slamming the car in reverse and tracking down all FedEx Ground trucks until I found the one that was carrying my cargo. At the last second reason returned to my tired mind and we headed in for nap time.
So the posts that are sadly lacking pictures will wait another day...

(And I'm really mad about that one, I have a special post written about today. You see it was one year ago today that out of the blue I got a phone call from Nicole at America World. 365 days have passed since we first learned about a little boy named Lu Tao!)


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Ugh...sooooo close.

Can't wait to read about Caleb's referral!