Mishmash of thoughts

First of all, happy news on the Dell front ~ they called Monday to say my laptop had been restored! I've been tracking the FedEx shipment and it is due to arrive midday tomorrow. Soon I'll be able to really see the pictures that I've taken over the past week, check in on my blog friends, and begin to dig myself out of the email pile...

Second, thanks so much for all the encouragement about Darcy! It was very fun for me to record the back story on her and as I've read back over it I've realized that I've left out a detail here or there. Overall though "Mei Mei's story parts 1 -5" are a pretty accurate explanation of how we knew that we were a family of five. On that note though, please agree with us in prayer that we are able to begin moving forward again soon. We've been at a standstill for over two weeks now and as we wait to begin our home study I've allowed myself to be discouraged at our lack of progress. We simply want to have her home with us so that we miss as little of her life as possible, not to mention that Kylie so wants to have her sister home! Every day she stops and says, "When are we going back to my China to get Darcy Momma?"

Third, I found out this week that the NC adoption tax credit is set to expire on December 31 of this year. Friends of ours were at a law conference this past week and reported the following to our adoption fellowship group, "There was a speaker from the NC Senate Finance Committee that said that the state adoption credit is apparently going to go away under both the House and Senate versions of the budget that are under consideration right now. The speaker felt that they had not gotten any feedback on repealing the state adoption tax credit because the parties who might be interested were primarily individuals and didn't have organized lobbies." This tax credit ~ along with the bigger credit from the federal government (also set to expire soon) ~ really helps to make adoption more affordable. If you have adopted, plan to adopt, or have been touched by adoption in some way, would you consider contacting your State House and State Representatives and letting them know that this credit needs to be continued? If so, go here and look in the right hand side blue side bar. Enter your nine digit zip code under "Who Represents Me?" and get the contact information for those folks. All of us adoptive parents thank you!

Fourth, I have finished reading some wonderful books while my computer has been in recovery. This house is too tiny for keeping extra books laying around, so I'd like to pass them on. First on the "giveaway list" is The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan. It was a great read! Just leave a comment if you'd like me to send it your way!


Kathy said...

I sent a message to every representative from Mecklenburg Co (about 10). I hope this will help. It would be tragic for this tax credit to lapse. Thank you for alerting me and making it easy to find the email addresses.
Love, Kathy

Grandma Shultz said...

I've sent the request to Bible Study, and all friends in NC in my email address box. Hopefully, we can get a lot of interest generated to keep the tax credit to help orphans of the USA and world.
Can't wait for your computer to arrive and can start getting pictures once again!
Love you,

Nancy said...

Thanks for posting about the tax credit. I really hope it doesn't go away with the new admin. What's the book about that you just read? I'm looking for a summer read (that isn't "What to Expect... or "Baby Food", etc.)!

Lisa said...

Thanks so much for letting us know about the federal adoption tax credit. I didn't know it was in jeopardy...ugh. I'll write who I can and pray A LOT! We are hoping to adopt a second time and that tax credit is going to be a huge portion of the next set of adoption expenses.

I'd love the Amy Tan book to read as we travel, if it's not already spoken for. My e-mail is on my sidebar. Thanks for offering...I loved Mao's Last Dancer by the way!!!

Hope your Dell is in your hands soon!!!