From Kylie's mind

Just a few conversations worth remembering over the past week or so.

**I'm also adding some random pictures that don't really have much to do with any of the stories, but I know that the grandmas (and some others of you too) are here more for pictures than for text...**
"I can svell the bananas in here Momma!" Kylie LOVES to help with baking, this was a banana coffee cake.

Shortly before Ian got home from work one night ~
Kylie ~ "Hey Momma? I a yil-a-bit hungy. You know what that means?"
Me ~ "No honey, what does it mean if you say you are a little bit hungry?"
Kylie ~ (with all the sass her little face can muster) "It means I hungy Momma!"
**We've been following the theory that while her "toddler talk" is precious, she needs to hear correct speech modeled, so when she mispronounces something, we don't imitate her or point our her mistake, we just repeat what she said using correct speech (most of the time, not EVERY time or she'd get sick of listening to us repeat her).**

Making a "sam-ich" because she was "so hungy!" It's been fun to watch her pretend play really develop over the past few weeks.

I shared some time back that Kylie had declared she had a two year old sister. Several days after that revelation she changed her tune to say that there were five kids in our family, two here and three still in China. For nearly two months she was content to tell anyone who would listen to her that we have five kids in our family. Ian and I don't come right out and say no, just that we'll take kids one at a time...
This weekend we were in the car and Kylie excitedly chatted about Darcy for a while. Then she began counting, "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Hey Momma, Dad-dee, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Do you hear, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight."
Me ~ "Eight what Kylie?"
Kylie ~ "Kids in our family Momma, eight. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight!"
Ian ~ "Umm, I don't think so..."
Kylie ~ "Yep, eight!"
I'm recording this now so that one day we'll either look back and laugh about her absurd prediction, or we'll realize how right she was...

My girl, twirling her little heart out. Yes, I know it is blurry, but I like how it captures the movement...

One afternoon when she was restless and fighting nap time.
Me ~ "It's time to go to sleep now Kylie."
Kylie ~ "Mom-me, God gave us mouthies for talking."
Me ~ "Yes, He did. But he also gave us eyelids for closing."
Kylie ~ "Yes, and He gave us noses with boogies."
Me ~"I wonder why He gave us boogies in our noses."
Kylie ~ "Because they funny Momma and God likes laughing!"
Well of course...

Suddenly she can't get enough of practicing building her letters. She asks almost every day when she's up when Caleb is napping to make letters. We used Handwriting Without Tears in my old preschool and I LOVED it! Kylie wasn't interested for a while so I didn't push it, but lately we've been rocking them out!

And my favorite, an ode to Goodberry's...
Kylie ~ (as we are driving home from going to sign the agreement for our storage area) "Hey Mommy, there's Blueberry's"
Me ~ You're right, good looking skills!"
Kylie ~ "Can we get some Blueberry's?"
Me ~ "Not right now honey, we need to go home and fix dinner."
Kylie ~ "But Mommy, don't you know the rules? No dinner until you eat all of your Blueberry's!"
Just like her Daddy who is known to say, "Eat dessert first, you never know when Jesus is going to come back!" I almost stopped...

While this picture was not taken during the Goodberry's/Blueberry's conversation, this was pretty much her expression when I told her that it was "dinner first and then ice cream!"

What have your kiddos been saying this week?


Jenn said...

So cute! And so wonderful for you to write them all down here so that they will forever be remembered!

I love all the pictures too!

Our Journey said...

I have to say the "boogie" comment was my favorite! Aren't 3 yr old's funny!! (and I like Ian's thought on dessert 1st - I'll have to remember that) By the way, Eight? Wow!

Tricia said...

I love that last picture of her! It's so cute.

NaiNai said...

Great post!! Love the pictures and stories. Kylie is so clever.

Grandma Shultz said...

So happy that God made boogies for our noses because they are funny and make Him and us laugh! Thanks for the good news, Kylie.
Love you, LaoLao

Anonymous said...

Kylie, I hate that I have to miss so much of this fun stuff. We sure miss seeing you several times a week. I hope you will always know how much Uncle Adam and I love and miss you!
Aunt Cici

Cindy M said...

Glad I'm not the only one dealin' with sass...although I'm not so sure Kylie is quite as sassy as Caroline. Wanna know what she said to me the other day? When she repeatedly did NOT get her way? Under her breath, she mutters, "I wanna throw you unda da bus, Mommy." WHERE DID SHE GET THAT???

Stop laughing.

Nancy said...

Mmmm... banana coffee cake! Do you mind sharing the recipe? Love the photos!

Lisa said...

She is not only clever but totally adorable!

Love the twirling picture!

Donna said...

Boogies are funny!! Yep - my crew sure thinks they are!!
Love the last pic - we see that look around here too. A lot.