Beat the heat!

I don't know what your weather forecast is for the weekend, but here in NC, it's gonna be hot! We're talking predictions of three digit temps for tomorrow.

So our family will be making a stop by Wendy's for a cool, chocolaty treat. And you should too!

Why you ask? Well, because this weekend for every Frosty purchased in the US, Wendy's will donate 50 cents to the Dave Thomas Foundation to help unite foster kids here in our country with loving forever families. It's an easy (and tasty!) way for you to help out!

And just so you know, we may be going on Sunday too...

**To date the Dave Thomas Foundation has helped match over 3000 kids with families.


Lisa said...

Thanks for the reminder. We'll so be there!

Melissa said...

It's a good thing I let Matthew get a Frosty after his anesthesia yesterday!!!! What a wonderful cause....we may just have to go again tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

We'll be getting one again! Have you tried to Coffee Toffey Frosty?!! They are DEEEElicious!
Aunt Cici