2 out of 2 kids agree

...that Goodberry's (or Blueberry's as our kids call it) ROCKS!

We've decided that our summer "Friday night family date" is going to be heading to Goodberry's (after dinner at home) for frozen custard!

Caleb models the "cone in a cup" method of devouring vanilla custard.
While Kylie shows that "I can eat my ice team in a tone and not make a mess!"

Thank you Stephen and C.C. for teaching us about this delicacy before we even moved here!

And don't you worry, we're still going to head to Wendy's for some frozen concoctions tomorrow and Sunday. Tonight we just couldn't wait!

**Oh, and if you're wondering why we're up so late on a Friday night, just doing a little organizing/light cleaning for our first home study visit for Darcy tomorrow!**


Lisa said...

Man, it's 1 a.m. and you're making me want way too many "frozen concoctions." Caleb looks like he's seriously enjoying his!

Jess Danielson said...

Going through the homestudy again! Wahoo!! I know it will go well-you are a great family!!
Tell Kylie I think her cone looked very yummy!

Our Journey said...

Prayers & good thoughts for your homestudy tomorrow -- you're a pro by now, no worries!!

Yummy looking ice-cream. We have a favorite ice-cream spot here too -- we just LOVE when we see the "open" sign at the begining of every season!!

Anonymous said...

Looks delightful!
Aunt Cici

Tricia said...

How'd your home study go? I'm sure it was great!

I've never heard of Goodberry's. Looks yummy!