Happy Birthday Daddy!

35 years ago the world (especially mine, even if it would be just over 22 more years ~ when we met on May 31, 1996 ~ before I knew why) became a better place!

I love the way that our hands "fit just so" when we walk, how his eyes crinkle up at the edges when he smiles, and the fact that he strives to be the Godly man he was created to be. (Actually, there's much, MUCH more, but there is only so much space one post can take up...) If you know Ian in real life, give him a birthday shout out and let him know what's one of your favorite things about his character.

Happy Birthday to my soul-mate, the wonderful father of my children, and a loving disciple of Jesus Christ! Kylie, Caleb and I are so blessed to be your family!


Nancy said...

Happy Birthday to Ian!

Larry and Carol said...

The quality we most admire in Ian is his sincerity and love of the Lord. Happy Birthday to a very special man. Yes, Kristi, you are very fortunate to have him.
AC and UL

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Ian!!! I know you too feel blessed by your sweet, sweet family!

Ally said...

Happy Birthday! Such a sweet post.

Cindy M said...

Hey, I didn't realize his birthday was the same as my mom's! Tell him we all said Happy Birthday! I'll send him a note on facebook, too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Saundra said...

Happy Birthday, Ian. I love you extra special because you love and cherish my daughter so much. I thank God for sending Godly men into the lives of my daughters. Praise Him for honoring this mother's prayers.
Love, LaoLao