Time off the beach

On Friday we dug in the sand, jumped in the water, and walked the beach for just over three hours before we could finally pull Caleb and Kylie away for lunch. As our meal wore on we quickly realized that both kids were exhausted from their beach frolics and a bath and then nap were in order. Kylie was so exhausted that she actually asked to go lay down. Caleb didn't even make it that far, he leaned his head against the side of the tub while Ian was rinsing the suds off and promptly fell asleep. (No photos were taken to preserve the poor baby's dignity).

When they finally regained consciousness about 3 1/2 hours later we decided to get dressed for dinner (Ian and I read on the deck for about two hours while they slept ~ what a relaxing afternoon!). I pulled the top outfit for Caleb out of the drawer and Kylie dug through her clothes until she settled on a sweet dress and then out the door we went to Provision Company to enjoy some steamed shrimp (well, three of us anyway ~ Kylie ate over 1/4 of a pound herself. Caleb turned up his nose at the crustaceans and instead devoured a hot dog. I'm so proud...) and the view of the Inter coastal waterway. Our children behaved like angels and several people commented on how precious and well behaved they were (note to self ~ TOTALLY wear them out before you take them in public!).

Then we had to take advantage of the waterway backdrop for some pictures of my babies.

It's not a face shot, and you can't see all of her, but there's something about the emotion caught in this photo that makes me love it.
Here's why I explained how the outfits came together. I don't usually do the "matchies" look for my kids, but it is pretty cute if I say so myself.
After dinner we decided to head to Calabash to make our visit to Callahan's Nautical Gift Shop (a Brunswick County Beaches must!) and then if you're in Calabash you just have to visit the creamery ~ or at least we do!
Kylie enjoying a scoop of bubble gum and Caleb enthralled with banana pudding flavor. Me, of course I had "Better than Almond Joy" ~ if they'd ship the stuff to me I'd buy it by the truckload!
Kylie enjoying every bit of her ice cream. Note the "beautiful bracelet" ~ turns out Daddy has a hard time saying no to his brown eyed beauty when we're on vacation. All she had to do was hold it up and say, "Look Daddy, it's so pretty! Can I have it please?" while we were in Callahan's...
And of course while at the Calabash Creamery, we have to see how much Kylie has grown by standing next to Dip the calf.

Last May to this May. I'm telling myself that someone just brought in a shorter cow statue...

Of course our little man wouldn't stand near Dip the calf, he had to go for something bigger to match his "larger than life personality..." Looks like we'll be making comparisons for Caleb next to Scoop the cow!
**By the way, I tried in vain to locate a PLAIN white sundress for Kylie for beach pictures. If you have a lead on one, please let me know. I've got to have one for our trip back to the coast in August. Can't you just see beach shots of Caleb in a white linen shirt and khaki shorts with Kylie in a simple white sundress?


Cindy M said...

Okay, first of all, WOW...did Kylie grow! That's amazing! LOVE the outfits...but I love the kids in 'em more!

And I know you'll be shocked to find out that Caroline has those same brown sandals.

AND get this...we bought that exact SAME bracelet at a shop in Hilton Head for Abby six years ago...and she promptly lost it before we even got off the island!

Loving the pictures! Glad you guys had such fun!

Michelle said...

Love the pictures! I found a white sundress for our future beach trip at Target. I think is was only $11.99. Where did you find brown sandals I have looked everywhere.

Andrea said...

I love that dress! Where did you get it?

LeighAnna has a good eye for white dresses because they are "wedding gowns"

Here is one at Old Navy:

Here's the one at Target:

And one at Baby Gap:

Pam said...

Oh my word, did Kylie ever grow!!!! I love the "matchy" outfits~ Kylie's dress is adorable.

When in Calabash you must try Seafood Hut. It's sort of a greasy dive, but people don't stand in line there for an hour and a half for nothing! The battered shrimp is soooo yummy and so is the sweet tea. Nothing fancy, but YUM!

Tricia said...

Seriously cute outfits!

I've purchased that same bracelet. I think it was for Jami when she was little.

Anonymous said...

Yummmmmm!!!!!!!!! I can't wait until August to eat some Calabash Shrimp and Icecream!!!
I can't believe how much Kylie has grown! They are both just beautiful children!!!
Aunt Cici

Kristi said...

Oh, love the matching outfits. My sister has a house on OIB, just up (down?) from Holden, we go at least twice a year, love it. So family friendly without the Myrtle hype. I have been forbiden to go into Callahan's christmas shop as I have enough Original Snow Village pieces to fill up a small beach house, HA HA. So glad they enjoyed it so much, and FYI, it seems in my experience, boys swimwear runs very large. T-Monster wears a 5/6 in regular clothes and can wear a 4 in swimsuits, opposite for sleepwear, LOL.


Grandma Shultz said...

Kylie, you have grown so much since last year. What a big girl you are becoming. Know you enjoyed that bubblegum ice cream.
Caleb, Grandma would like to try your banana pudding ice cream.
Love, LaoLao