Bring Me Hope Nightwalk

Thanks to everyone who sent sponsorship for our family for the nightwalk! Thanks to a few surprise contributors at the very last minute, we exceeded our goal of raising an additional $525! In fact we ended up so close to having enough to sponsor not five but SIX kids to go to camp this summer that we added a bit of extra money ourselves (under the guise of registering Maya for the walk ~ she did attend...) that with your help six kids who don't have hope will have their lives radically changed this summer.
We got to listen in on a conference call with kids in China who attended camp last summer who were walking to raise funds for others to attend. The kids were exhausted at the end, but we really enjoyed the fellowship of our group! The walk may be over, but it isn't too late to still help. You can go to Bring Me to find out how to give.


Lisa said...

Yeah Kristi and Co.!!!! And Maya too!!! What an awesome event!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I am so happy you guys raised so much money!
Aunt Cici

Michelle said...

Looks like you had alot of fun! Glad you was able to raise your goal.

Grandma Shultz said...

Six children get to go to know that they are loved by getting to go to camp this summer! That is great. Know you walked at all were tired afterwards.
Love, LaoLao