Kylie's impression of dinner at Joe's

One of our traditions at the beach for years now is to stuff ourselves on crab legs at a Joe's Crab Shack. Yes, it's a really expensive dinner at a chain restaurant (usually a self-imposed "no-no" for us) but have I mentioned how much we love crab?

Last summer Ian made the mistake of letting Kylie try some of his crab. I distinctly remember thinking, "What the heck are you doing? Shrimp for a toddler is expensive enough!" but somehow I figured she wouldn't like it. (Wrong) Or if she did that she'd forget from one summer to the next. (Double wrong). So yeah, they plop the kids menu in front of her and she looks over the pictures and triumphantly announces that she wants crab. (At least they have it on the kids menu and it is a fraction of the adult price ~ but still about $4 more than the rest of the kids selections...)

Ian starts to say no and then I remind him that it was his fault from last summer. And that it is a very special occasion meal. From her reactions I recorded, I don't think it will be the last one!

Quite proud of herself for getting to wear a crab bib!

"Umm, how am I going to eat this?"

Maybe if I just poke it with the crab cracker...
"Yeah, this is the ticket, I'll break it like this."
"You're going to help me, right Da-dee?"
"This is gonna be a good din-nuh!"

For the record, I did try to force Caleb to try a bite from my steam pot. Looks like our boy is gonna be a "land lubber" ~ food wise anyway...
Flashing that winning smile! (The one that gets him out of a lot of trouble from being a "bad pirate!")
Checking out the mirrors near the carousel. Yeah, we rode... It was vacation after all!

**Just one more post about our beach trip to come. This trip was very special to me and I just had to record it all! Thanks for sticking with me...


Lisa said... fellow crab lover! I hear you, Kylie!

I grew up about seven minutes from Huntington beach in Cali. My older brother used to bring me crab legs from the pier when I would babysit because my mom wouldn't let him pay me. For the record, I will still babysit for crab legs!

Love that adorable pirate grin!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the crab series. That usually sums up my excitement for crab legs too!
Caleb could never be naughty enough to be considered a pirate. :)
Aunt Cici

Larry and Carol said...

If crabs are the game, Maryland is the place. Come see us. AC

Kimberly said...

I just got caught up on your beach trip-- sounds like so much fun!!

Tricia said...

Kristi, those pictures of Kylie are sooo cute! I really love the last one of her and her crab legs. Glad you all had a fun trip!

Grandma Shultz said...

Yummmmm Crabs at Joe's. Hope we all get to do that later this summer!
Love, LaoLao