Trying to figure it all out

While we were at Aunt Nancy's Ian (rather proudly and hopefully) had to wonder if we have a little engineer on our hands.
Maybe another angle will help?
She was determined to figure out where the mooing sound came from!


Tricia said...

I like those pictures. That barn has been around a looong time! It's amazing that it still moos.

NaiNai said...

It never fails - Kylie is always able to make me smile. She just lights up my day. Thanks.

Saundra said...

She is so curious. Bet if she could have gotten inside - she could have figured it out! haha
Those Fisher Price toys surely have longevity. Remember many of the children and grandchildren playing with the barn.
Lao Lao Shultz

Anonymous said...

What a funny bunny! Like father like daughter! Haha. She is a curious little thing. I love to watch how her mind works.
Aunt Cici

Lisa said...

Simply classic!