Is it the weekend yet?

I've been relatively silent this week. Have you ever noticed that when you are the most tired there is the most to do? I had so many things on my "to do" list and with the rainy weather, couldn't let the kids out back to play while I tackled them. So I was up much later than I should have been, trying to get things done while the babes slept.

One major thing (that isn't so major, we knew it from experience) is that we had Caleb's six month post-placement visit with our social worker tonight. No, the six month mark isn't actually until the 27th, but we are going to be out of town three of the four weekends this month and decided to go ahead and do it early. It went quite well and our little man worked his charm on our SW. He even impressed her by dipping broccoli into ketchup to get down his "try me bite" so that he could have a frozen girl scout cookie for dessert!

Thankfully the list has just one thing remaining ~ pack for our spring break road trip ~ and hopefully I'll get a good night's sleep tonight! Sadly with all the stuff going on I just haven't had the drive to pick up the camera this week. Since Monday afternoon I've taken no pictures. Yes, you read that right ~ ZERO, nada, nilch. Don't fear though, I'm sure our weekend destination will provide opportunity for me to have my camera glued to my hip. We can't wait...

Ian however has picked up for my slack and taken 10 pictures. The best is from tonight when he was doing dishes and I was hanging in the kitchen laughing that we've tackled an imposing list of things that had to be done. First Kylie and Caleb came out with both of the pillows from Kylie's bed. Then came their blankies. Followed by the brown wicker baskets of cars and "lovies" from Caleb's room and then the white ones of "lovies" from Kylie's room. Last came the crates of books from both of their rooms. All seven of them. We just stood and watched the procession and when they finally started to settle down on the pillows I asked, "What exactly are you guys doing, Kylie?" (Note I asked her, they were both bringing stuff, but she was the obvious ringleader!) She didn't skip a beat and said, "We have to go ni-nite Mommy!" So matter of fact, so "Duh Mommy, can't you see what we're doing?"
And then they settled in to read to each other. I love these kids!

I have some cute stories to tell on both of them, but bath time is winding down and I'm headed for bed right after my babies. (Oh, and packing...)


Tricia said...

Cute! Do you think they'll put it all away as nicely as the got it all out?

Donna said...

They are so funny - love how Kylie is the ringleader and Caleb is the "muscle"!!
Hope you got some much needed rest!!

Lisa said...

I love it! And I'm so stealing your idea of the crates for books. Way better than book shelves. Where were you when my other two were little?

Have a great trip!!!