Aack ~ I HAVE to pack!

Well, somehow I didn't end up packing last night after all. I caught up on email, read a book, and chatted with Ian. No biggie, I knew I had the day today to get it done.

WHAT WAS I THINKING??? Tried to pack for six days in two drastically different weather patterns (one location highs in mid 60s, the other highs in upper 30s) with TWO little "helpers" lately? Apparently I had forgotten how you turn your back surveying the closet for a minute and the "magic suitcase" empties itself of all of the neatly folded contents you've already put inside...

So what's a Mommy to do? Thankfully the weathermen were wrong about our steady rain this morning so I suited the kids up, filled up the water table with water, Dawn, and their little bake set and handed them sponges and told them to wash their dishes.

An hour of "toddler hand free" packing for me and they had some good clean fun!
Seriously, are these two of the cutest tushies or what?

By the way, Maya has the BEST grandmas ever (yes, both of our moms consider Maya as their Grand-dog ~ we're all dog people)! My mom was appalled that Maya was going to have to spend from today until next Thursday at the kennel (she's always stayed with Mom before when we've gone out of town) so she and Ian's mom were going to drive up here (2 1/2 hours one way) to pick her up and keep her until Easter weekend. We compromised so that the grandmas didn't have five hours in the car tonight and are meeting them at a point about 1 1/2 hours away so Maya can spend the week on the farm. So who's more spoiled, my kids or my dog?

Road trip, here we come!!!


Lisa said...

You're brilliant! Seriously, where were you when my other two were little?

Angela said...

Outside in swimsuits??? I'm so jealous! Have a great trip and yes, those are 2 cute tushies :)

Anonymous said...

Awe they are looking so cute in their little suits.
Kylie's hair is really getting more thick. It looks cute cut like that.
Aunt cici

Jess and Tim said...

HAve fun! I can't wait to see where your going? Highs in the 30's sounds like MI!? LOL

Nancy said...

Wow! That is awesome they were going to drive that far to pick up Maya! My MIL loves Sadie... calls her the "grandogger". My mom... not so much! Have a great trip, safe travels!

NaiNai said...

So fun to see the kids playing together. And they look so cute in their suits. You are such a clever mommy!!

Saundra said...

Great idea to keep the kids occupied. Glad the weather cooperated. Driving 1 1/2 hours to get Maya was fun - after all, we got to see all four of you as well.
Love, LaoLao Shultz