Weekend with Alexander

Just in case anyone was wondering why I didn't post over the weekend (which left me scurrying to catch up)...

When it was quiet in the house my blossom cover Dell was hijacked by a boy playing Disney's Club Penguin! During nap time Sunday Ian was working on my sister's website (if you have been blessed by the miracle of adoption, or love someone who is, stay tuned!), and Alex was playing Club Penguin. Kylie woke up and decided to grab her "Ehmo tom-pu-ter" and join in on the laptop couch.

**I was curled up in the Pompason chair reading a copy of Adoptive Families magazine. I need a good book. I'm in the mindset to read some more from Asian culture, I've read (and LOVED) Snow Flower and the Secret Fan & The Joy Luck Club. Any suggestions along that route?**

It is a ton of fun having Alexander here with us when he comes. Kylie and Caleb view him as a playmate and while they sometimes drive him crazy, he does his best to play along and entertain them. As we were getting ready for church Sunday morning they somehow managed to talk him into entering their "secret fort..."

What I think is super cute is that he may roll his eyes about "how loud Caleb is" or that "Kylie asks why about a hundred times a minute" (both actually true statements), but he is a real softy. I missed out on post-nap snuggle time because Alex managed to get both kids with him.
And then there are the moments that make me wonder what life is going to be like when Caleb is old enough to cook up some ideas with Ian. I was in the kitchen putting some of our sesame cookies in the oven and I heard Ian and Alex laughing in the living room. Ian came in and got the camera, but I didn't go in to see what was up. I did however find a series of pictures on the camera that looked like this...

At least they were laughing too!


Anonymous said...

Back when books were more than just coasters, I really enjoyed Wild Swans and Chinese Cinderella.

C.C. said...

Love the pic of the 3 computer "engineers."

Mom of Triple As said...

The kids under the chair is really funny. How much fun is it going to be at your house when Ian has somebody around who thinks like he does?

ashley said...

You should read "The Hundred Secret Senses" by Amy Tan. If you liked "The Joy Luck Club", you'll like that one. :) I hope to see you guys at Charity Ball!

Melissa Wagner said...

I loved reading:

The Diary of Ma Yan

Mao's Last Dancer by Li CunXin

The Waiting Child by Cindy Champnella

Cindy M said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! You always know how to have great family time!

It's not exactly the theme you're after, but I just read "Divine" by Karen Kingsbury. Awesome book. And, yes, I read an entire book...most of it in Arizona...on a bus or a plane. Haven't read anything longer than two-page magazine articles since I got back. Coincidence? I think not.

Lisa said...

Your camera must be permanently attached to your hip! I love it catch everything! I love the laptops and the pompason chair flipped over!!!

Thanks for praying about our ice storm! I'm taking the girls to school tomorrow. Thankfully, not till ten. Please pray hard!!!

I also read The Waiting Child recently and loved it. Look out though, it may send you to China for the third time! Amy Tan's The Opposite of Fate is an interesting collection of her writings. Let us know what you end up reading and your thoughts on it, please :)

Kimberly said...

I can totally relate to wanting to read more books on Asian culture and/or adoption stories-- that's totally been my mindset since we came home with AK (well, actually for the past 3 years...). Anyway, I really enjoyed "Peony In Love" by Lisa See and "Empress Orchid" by Anchee Min.

Gong Hay Fat Choy!!

Nicole said...

I love the picture of the 3 with the computers, too cute.
Have you read Wild Swans?? author is Jung Chang the last of the 3, A story of 3 generations of Chinese women through the cultural revolution etc to now. I have to be honest I skipped a few parts, it was just too much for me, but my husband who is the history buff, loved it and read every bit of it. You know like 3 years ago when we started the process!

I also read the "Lost Daughters of China" but it isn't so much the Asian culture stuff you are going for, still good though!

Anonymous said...

So nice to see how Kylie and Caleb are making up with Alexander. He looks so grown-up with his new hair cut. Looking good Alexander!
Looks like you put the kids in a cage with the upturned pompasan chair - funny! Think I need to get a lap top so I can get up into the 21st century. That picture of Alex, Ian and Kylie side-by-side with computers is just too cute.
Miss all of you,

Anonymous said...

Three thoughts.
One: I can't believe Alexander fits in the cabinet!
Two: I can't believe he was holding them.
Three: Maybe the make shift cage was a result of holding them!
Ha ha

Aunt Cici