Sledding adventure

While we were inside warming up from our first round of snow play, Shannon called to let us know that their park (she lives two miles from us and they also have a park withing walking distance, you've got to love this area!) had a great sledding hill. Their family invited ours over for a sledding adventure and of course we had to take them up on it! So we got stuff out of the dryer, re-layered and braved the roads (Ian laughed at the road situation saying, "I drove buses in Blacksburg in more snow than this...") to Lottie's house.

The snow was pretty deep in some areas, so Ian and Battle took turns dragging the wagon (the snow kept packing on the wheels preventing them from turning) full of kiddos to the park.

First we watched the big boys show us how it was done.
Graham got a little push from a friend...
And Noah took a pretty spectacular spill at the bottom. Funny thing is that he was saying, "I didn't know how to steer that old thing!" Now come on, that sled is a fine work of engineering ~ and he thinks he can steer a plastic disc?

After watching a few runs Kylie decided she was ready to go, "but onny if Daddy hodes me!"
"Yay, yay, yay, this is fun!" Her expression at the top of the hill was a bit more of panic, but by the bottom she was loving it!
"That was FUN, let's do it adin!"
I'm not sure who screamed louder, Caleb or me, but halfway down we both decided it was fun!
Ready to go again!
One freezy (but happy!) family.
Lottie and her family ~ parents, Shannon & Battle and brothers, Graham and Noah.

After sledding it was time for a hearty lunch of grilled cheese and soup at Lottie's house. Now we're home with exhausted kiddos napping. I'm hoping they wake up before dark so that we can build a snowman while the snow is still around. We are slated to get a bit more snow tonight, but tomorrow is supposed to be just above freezing and sunny. That's what you've got to love about snow in central NC ~ here today and usually gone tomorrow...

Oh, and yes, we have tons of waterproof clothing for skiing. In fact, I just went through the ski clothes bag at Mama's this weekend to give Traci my old ski pants. I thought about bringing the bag here with us and then decided, "We have such little storage space in our tiny house, we won't really need our thermals and waterproof pants..." What's that they say about hindsight?


Nicole said...

Looks like fun!

Amy Woods said...

How much fun!!! And cold!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy snow day!!!! We sure enjoyed ours. Looks like we got a little less than you guys, but it was enough to have some big fun! Emily and AC were outside in it all day~ except for nap time. Then out again briefly after naps, but alas, our snow is already melting. AC loved the snow~ Kate not so much. :) And me, in the kitchen all day~ pancake breakfast, homemade cookies and cocoa for snack, soup and grilled cheese for lunch and the roast cooking for dinner. The dryer was going pretty much all day, too. And I'm still in my jammies! I just love snow days!


Mom of Triple As said...

The sledding looks like lots of fun. What a great family day!

Nancy said...

Yay! Love the pix! How fun!

Cindy M said...

That is a BIG hill! I can't even tell you how I wish we could have joined in on the fun!

And I'm feeling like a total slacker...gotta get OUR snow day pix blogged.

Loved seeing you all have fun! Miss you all so much!

Our Journey said...

Oh -- now I want some snow!!! We woke up one morning to a *dusting* and by the time I got Anne Marie ready to go out, it melted :o( I just love the picture of you and the family out w/ the trees & water. It looks like so much fun!!

Melissa Wagner said...

So this is what my kids saw:

1. "Mom, why don't they have boots, snowpants on?" I explained that in NC, typically there isn't enough snow to really need them. Not a good enough answer for the 11 y/o.

2. "Mom, why are they sledding on snirt?" (Snirt is a snow/dirt combo) Again, I explained that snow doesn't usually stick around for too long so you gotta get out and play while you can.

3. "Mom, it's a week day...we had school and Dad had to work. Why are Caleb's and Kylie's parents there?" Welllll...this one was tougher. Because things were closed and dads didn't have to work because of the slippery roads. This made the 11 y/o laugh again. His comment, "Mom, I'm so going to school at UNC or NC State. I want time off for snow." Yeahhhh...he was jealous!

Hope you all had a great time!! Be careful driving!!

Anonymous said...

oh how fun! Looks like it was a blast! Love the expressions of the sleds!
Aunt Cici

NaiNai said...

That is some steep hill - you are very brave to venture down. Glad you got to the bottom in one piece. Kids really do love thrills!!