Maybe we should have gone to get milk

I know all your northerners and mid-westerners out there are tired of your snow, but we sure are happy for ours. You see, for those of us that live in the south, snow comes at most once a year and a "good snow" only every few years. Today is one of those "good snows" and we are making the most of it!

The kiddos woke up around 7:30 and Caleb's squeals got us out the door as quickly as we could bundle! Kylie kept saying, "Is that so (snow) Mommy?" We came in for hot chocolate (for breakfast ~ it IS a snow day after all!) and scrambled eggs and are warming back up for our next outdoor adventure! (Over breakfast Kylie was explaining to me that we needed "to make a snowman and use a carrot for his nose and something for his eyes and we need to put a hat on him and...").

Here are a few pictures from snow day round 1!

"But why can't I wear short sleeves Mommy?"

"What the heck is this stuff?"
"Daddy, I'm not so sure about this..."
"Woo-hoo!!! Snow!"
"Hey, this is fun after all!"
Quick pose!
"Hahaha, You O-Tay Daddy?"

Heading in.
Gloves back on.
I just love this shot of her, don't know why...
And of course, every good snow outing has a great aftermath!
More later, it's almost time to go sledding!


Allison said...

Maggie totally wanted to wear a skirt out in the snow today. Crazy girls!

Michelle said...

I'm so jealous! Here in Mooresville we didn't get enough even to walk outside. Kid's are very upset.

Anonymous said...

This is when I wish everybody I knew lived in the same neighborhood so we could all go play together! Enjoy the snow, it's melting fast here.
Steph Y

Mom of Triple As said...

Glad to see the kids enjoyed the snow. Looks like Maya was having fun too. A2 did not get to build a snowman. The snow was too powdery.

Tape the gloves to the coat~it works wonders when the kids are that small.

Mom of Triple As said...

A2 was just reading over my shoulder and wants to know if you built a snowman?

Laurie said...

I am STILL waiting for a big snow day, and I'm in St. Louis! What's the deal? Allison keeps asking, "When am I going to be able to make a snowman?" What is UP? I loved your snow play pictures. Adorable!

Nicole said...

Glad you all had fun!
Too cold here for fun in the stuff, sorry but if it were 20 maybe, but 12, no thanks!

Anonymous said...

Awe looks like fun! Love the fun expressions! Looks like you had a good snow!!!!
Aunt Cici

NaiNai said...

As a former midwesterner, I am so glad that the kids have a chance to experience the joys of snow!!! Their expressions tell it all.