Santa surprises

Christmas morning 9:30 am

**I thought that last year's Christmas was fun. Little did I know that this year would surpass it greatly! Last year Kylie didn't really "get it" when it came to opening gifts, but her enthusiasm this year was not only fun to watch, but contagious too! Caleb caught on in no time on Christmas Eve day when our family of four exchanged gifts before we headed to Mama's. The kids got their kitchen with food and dishes from us, Ian got a new 18V cordless drill (I don't get the big deal about volts, but apparently it's "a man thing") and I got my camera. Everyone was super excited about their gifts from one another although Kylie was a bit confused as to why Santa didn't bring her "Ehmo tom-pu-ter." On the way to Grandma's house I assured her that Santa hadn't come yet and that I had left a note for him on our tree to explain that we were at Grandma's house.**

One blessed thing about my kids is that they are not "crack of dawners" when it comes to waking up! Adam and Traci's dog slipped in the house at 9:15 and pounced on our bed to announce that it was time to get up and open presents. We made rounds through the house to make sure Unca Adham, Aunt CiCi (who spent the night at Mama's to join in on the fun) and Dahma S were awake. We greeted Dahma M who had arrived a few minutes before and then it was time to check out what Santa brought.
Christmas IS about Jesus, but Santa sure brings some fun for we parents to watch!

Checking out her Elmo computer. Santa also brought Kylie a super fun Animal Scramble game and a book explaining the legend of Saint Nicholas.

Never too early to start making precision cuts. In addition to his 25 piece tool set (complete with a tool belt) Caleb also got a construction hard hat and beautiful story book about the animals hurrying to the stable of Bethlehem from Santa.

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Anonymous said...

What a blessing Christmas morning was to wake up with these two little balls of joy!
Aunt Cici