Backyard beach party

Over Christmas Ian stopped by the old (yet unsold ~ please pray it sells soon, having two house payments hurts!) house to pick up a few things. One thing I specifically asked for him to get was the sand/water table. Kylie enjoyed it so much over the past year and as much as Caleb loves the sandbox at the park, I figured he'd enjoy it too. The best part is that we had brought home a huge bucketful of powdery sand from Sunset Beach this summer so we didn't even have to use rice.

Tuesday morning it was freakishly warm and while Ian and I were trying to finish unpacking before running errands, I let the kids (who were fully dressed with shoes on at the time) on the deck and opened the sand table. I watched for a few minutes while they squealed with delight as they let the sand flow through their hands. Satisfied that they were content and occupied, I went back to unloading and reloading the dishwasher (we had left in a hurry on Christmas Eve) and generally "putting the kitchen back in order." The giggles increased and so I grabbed the camera and snuck up on them to investigate the source of laughter.

Here's what I found ~

We added a 25 pound bag of rice to the BJ's list...

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Anonymous said...

NICE!!! I am laughing really hard right now!
Aunt Cici