Happy Year of the Ox!

To all of our family and friends:

"Know what?"

Yep, it's Lunar New Year's Eve!

"That weally citing!"

Regular New Year was fun, but CNY has Kylie and Caleb jumping for joy!
In fact, they can hardly contain their smiles!
Promises of attending a CNY festival to watch a lion dance, making sesame cookies and going to Pei Wei for dinner brought hugs of excitement.From our house to yours, we wish you happiness and health in the Year of the Ox! May you be surrounded by folks that you love this year!

Ian, Kristi, Kylie and Caleb


Mom of Triple As said...

Happy CNY to you too! We have your card on our fridge. What is that the kids are jumping in? I really love Kylie in that blue. So pretty! This blogging stuff is making me sooo tired. I don't know how you do it.

Cindy M said...

Got your card yesterday! So cute!

I am calling you tomorrow!!!!

Mom of Triple As said...

Yes, please come to the Kitchen Salon. It's open when most other salons are closed. :)

Our Journey said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you all!!! I hope you had a wonderful time!

Lisa said...

What adorable new year pictures! I;m looking forward to pictures of all your festivities. How very exciting!

Happy New Year to you too!

Nancy said...

Happy New Year to you too! Love the pix. Caleb looks like such a little man! Love the silk outfits. I saw a really cool vest at our CNY FCC celebration that I thought would be cute for Noah one day.

Sharon said...

SO cute in their Chinese outfits!!! Wish I would have thought to bring Hudson's to MN. I am finally able to visit blogs again with the kids back in school. I have missed checking in.

Anonymous said...

Precious pictures! I should email you some of mine too. But you probably got the best.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year's my darling Grandchildren. You both look so nice in your bright, pretty silks.
Love you,
LoaLao Shultz