Caleb DOES like yogurt!

He refuses milk and still snubs his nose at cheese ~ even when Ian tries to sneak it into his scrambled eggs. So we're pretty excited that we've finally found a dairy source for the boy! That's the good news.

The bad news is that he's a bit sloppy when he eats it...
I mean really? It's even IN his belly button!

One other fun thing about Caleb and his eating is that you never know what he's going to deny passing his lips, and what he is going to scarf down like there's no tomorrow. Tonight I was a bit concerned about him going to bed hungry because I had made a Greek style beef, spinach, and rice casserole. Miraculously he tried one bite and then couldn't get enough! He ate and ate and ate. When you combine that with the 3/4 cup of frozen peas (yes, he likes them frozen ~ Kylie did too) and a half slice of Texas Toast, he had a great meal!


Mom of Triple As said...

Is he eating the yogurt out of that contraption? If so, no wonder he has it in his belly button.

Jess and Tim said...

It takes talent to get it in that little hole of a button! LOL

Nicole said...

You didn't make him eat it did you? Emmi Su loved it in China, but once here and you had to eat it instead of drink it, you know how they do there right? poke the straw in the top?? well she'll have nothing to do with the stuff!

Anonymous said...

YUMMY! Glad you are finding things he will eat!
Jamie (from Wingate) emailed me to get the greek recipe from you. She thinks her little Preston will eat it.
Autn Cici

NaiNai Miller said...

Caleb is getting quite a broad range of food that he will eat. Although I understand that you can never be sure he will like the same thing twice. I'm just glad that he has expanded his food groups beyond noodles. Congratulations!!
Love, NaiNai